JESC2015: All Rehearsals Day One

Watch all the rehearsal footage of today with commentary below! For the fastest news you need to follow our live-blog. The first nine countries have taken the rehearsal stage today, and ESCDaily has provide video footage of each country.


Closing today’s first rehearsals is Ivana & Magdalena who were supported by three hip-hop inspired break dancers with the background featuring a speaker that changes into a heart when the first chorus starts. Overall, good vocals and with the right camera angles may make a positive impression on Saturday.


Chiara & Martina are standing back-to-back in black while the background displays “VIVA” throughout in colourful. Staging consists of mirrored moving around on the stage. Scaffolding sparkles throughout. Vocals and harmonisation from both sisters is strong and well executed.


Aimee is situated on top of the circular platform while the background imagery of a ship sailing in the rough waves within a border resembling a compass. This is used to highlight the song title’s meaning; “Star of the Sea”. Ireland’s first rehearsal seemed to of been more of a vocal test rather than a performance and if there are more elements present (i.e. fog) on-stage then it could become a more completed performance.


All four members of The Virus were on-stage; one male (main) & three female. The main singer took the lead with choreography. He also speaks in English; “You are crazy” & “Everybody clap now” during the bridge. Visuals involve blue with yellow, hollow triangles. Overall going for the “fun” vote and it may work out in their favour.


Gabriela opened the show, walking on the catwalk-like structure with Ivan joining in later within the song. They are supported by four ballet dancers who perform ribbon ballet alongside a strong choreography involving cartwheels. Vocals initially needed work to finesse however throughout the rehearsal there was a significant improvement. Full use of the stage is noticed and visuals involved sparkling within the L.E.D. and a rainbow incasing the stage.


Ruslan is situated on top of a raised circular platform while an upgraded HD background similar to his national final performance is displayed showcasing the rise and fall of a tree with fire & rain during key moments within the composition. Ruslan was dressed in dark colours with a grey top and black necklace. Vocals were impressive, however there still needs some fine-tuning to be done, which he has proven before can be achieved.


Destiny is dressed in a black blouse and tights, with a half-worn silver slim-tie. Background utilised nearly identical visuals to her music video to display the chorus’ lyrics while showcasing the pop art artistic effect. Destiny utilised a mix of standing and synchronised walking around the stage until the end where she walked onto the extended platform and thrusted her arm into the air to the end of the song; potentially in future rehearsals with pyrotechnics.


Mika wore a pink & white smart-casual suit similar to his music video. He is supported by three backing singers wearing white; they choreographed themselves alongside the music. Mika moonwalked during the bridge of the song. Visuals utilised blue, pink & purple throughout. Vocals sound good and overall displays a professional performance and a fun entry.


Mishela was alone on stage, she was wearing denim jeans and a yellow sweater; which she will likely change for the main performance. Strong use of the primary colours, originally from blue and transcending into red and yellow; which overall complimented the African vibes of the song. Vocals are promising and Mishela looks comfortable on-stage as she wasn’t afraid to move throughout the stage.

Monday 16th November – Schedule:

JESC 2015 - Rehearsals - Day One

Note: All times provided on schedule are in CET+1.