JESC2015: Destiny “might become very big star”

The little stars of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest might become very big stars in the future, says Executive Supervisor Vladislav Yakovlev to ESC Daily. But no matter what the young singers decide to do with the rest of their lives, the EBU will follow their career.

Earlier this month, Malta’s Destiny Chukunyere won Junior Eurovision in Sofia. Mika from Armenia finished second, while the young girls from Ireland, Netherlands and Macedonia had less satisfying results. ESC Daily asked them: What is next?

Some of the young artists want to continue working in music. Destiny wants to participate for Malta in adult Eurovision if she ever gets the chance, but she also wants to go to America to meet the big music stars there. Shalisa would like to #discover all there is in the world of music, while Ireland’s Aimee Banks will go to perform in Carnegie Hall in New York!

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