JESC2016: All rehearsals Day 5

Final country rehearsals for the last nine countries today. Press is allowed in the Arena, but our team will not be able to film every country live. In some cases, we will rely on the official footage from the EBU.

For the latest news, please check our Live-blog. This blog is solely meant for in-depth rehearsal coverage.


Alexa is wearing her official outfit today: a blue sparkly dress. First runthrough sounds okay, but not confident. During her second runthrough, Alexa does not sing live. Her throat does not allow her to go full-force today. Instead she focuses on getting the camera shots right. There is a new shot at the bridge, where Alexa is filmed from above, while the words “We Are” are projected in a circle around her on the floor of the stage.


Hardly any changes for Dunja Jelicic, who is still riding her hoverboard for two thirds of the performance. Background and choreography are a little bland, making the song seem a little more empty than it perhaps is. Vocally, Dunja is solid. She wears a glitter jacket today. On camera, she sometimes looks a little moody, which is a shame, as this does not reflect her open and friendly personality which we have seen at the parties. All-in all this seems to be no top 10 material.


Mariam is still not wearing her official outfit today. That will remain a mistery until the final shows. The complete picture is rather static, and while that may suit the song, the backdrop colours also do not add anything tot he visual package. Vocally, Georgia is right up there with Poland and Bulgaria. In terms of the song though, and the believability of the artist, Georgia will find itself slightly behind.


Both girls sing live, this time, but the solo’s do not always sound right. Harmonies are better, and the dance routines remain slick. There are six girls together on stage, two of them are Annahit & Mary and they start singing with their back towards the audience (so on tv, you see the audience behind them). After that, the upbeat part of the song starts.


Lidia is wearing a white dress with blue accents, the backdrop is rainbow colourful, with objects (angels? airplanes? flowers?) flying around. Vocals are still strong. She is also capturing the camera a lot more now. Lots of close shots are used. Relatively calm camera work, on the cadans of this jungle-esque song. The picture is now complete, and this could do well.


Not much to say. There are no changes made, and this was not necessary, because Belarus had their staging right from the start. The act fits the song, with Alexander jumping off the backs of his backing dancers halfway through the song & of course the hoverboards at the end. Camera work is settled with quick changes between the shots. Being one of only three boys in the competition, this can stand out.


Lots of long close shots to emphasize Klesta’s cuteness. Her vocals have surprised me during this week, considering her performance at the Albanian national final. Still she will fall out of most juror’s lists when compared to some of the other vocalists at the competition. Staging very classic, simple – very adult like, as well.


Only changes for Ukraine are in the camera work. The opening shot is now from the interprative dancer on the catwalk, who throws out an ubrella (but not the big prop one in which Sofia is standing). The last shot is a nice close-up of Sofia while she is sitting on the stage. Besides that, Ukraine had everything already figured out.


Camera work was the key to success for Russia during this second rehearsal. They started out with improving the opening shots: successfully, because the start with the girls lying on the floor being filmed from above, is promising. The verse is alright, but from the first chorus on, camera shots are rather long and static. I would have liked to see more pans instead of stables, to create dynamic. The performance becomes flat because of this, only lifted in the final 30 seconds when the girls sing in English and form the heart-shape with their crossed arms.