Jessica Mauboy: ‘Actually competing gives a different feeling’

Jessica Mauboy already took the Eurovision stage in 2014 as interval act, but actually taking part is something different. She tells this to ESCDaily and also reveals her plans for Lisbon!

“It is a very different feeling. I was nervous back then, but this is another level of pressure. I will try to represent my people, my culture, and I am looking forward to that very much.”

An uptempo to midtempo song for Australia

What kind of song can we expect from Jessica, on behalf of Australia? It is probably the main question at the moment, and she is giving us her first thoughts:

“Maybe an uptempo song, or mid-tempo. I would like to celebrate a more hyped performance. That consist of some movements. I want to make the world move.”

“My mission is to create a song that will have some fysical and visual effect. I definitely want to do the whole package. And add a cultural background to the act, perhaps there might be some aborignal dialect in there.”

The Australian song for Eurovison will be presented at a later stage. Jessica Mauboy is hoping she can come to Europe for some promotional events.

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  1. A more uptempo song will probably effect her vocals if she’s moving along, but on the other side, once you’re nervous you’d better have an uptempo song than a ballad…. Just make sure you don’t stand like a statue like Wolf, Katie with her uptempo song, it will kill your performance. 🙂

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