Join us for the dress rehearsals of semi final 2

Just like on Monday for the first semi final, ESCDaily will be at the Altice Arena to cover the show for you. Join us today and you will find all the relevant stuff about the second semi final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2018.

First dress rehearsal: All about the show elements

During the first dress rehearsal of semi final 2, we will provide you with a liveblog about all the elements of the show that do NOT include the songs. What will the postcards look like? Will the presenters actually have a succesful joke this time? How are the interval acts and clips? The rehearsal starts at 15:00 CET and we will tell you everything you need and want to know.

Time to shine: Vocal Assessments of the artists during the jury show

We will stick to our tradition of recent years and give quite a different blog during the very important jury show. We will focus on the aspects that juries have shown to pay attention to, at the contest. Vocals are a very important part of this, but also if the artist makes a secure impression, or not. You probably know the drill, but trust us, following this blog is worth your time.

Stay tuned to ESCDaily and join us in the build-up to the second semi final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2018!