Jon Ola Sand: “No way to host Eurovision without working on Saturday”

Jon Ola Sand, the Executive Supervisor of the Eurovision Song Contest has spoken to Israeli television about the selection of the host city for the contest in 2019. Jerusalem and Tel Aviv are the only two remaining options, but religious laws might form the obstacle that will eliminate Jerusalem in the race.

“To do the Eurovision Song Contest, you have to be able to work for 24/7, also the weeks before the actual contest to adjust the venue,” Sand reacts to the discussion to put preparations on hold during the Shabbat. This is Judaism’s day of rest on their seventh day of the week. But laying down the Eurovision work, is no option. “There is no way Eurovision can be hosted in any way, without the possibility to also work on Saturdays. This is something that is paramount for us,” is Jon Ola Sand clear on the matter.

Has Jerusalem, just like the city of Eilat officially out of the running then? No, not yet. A potential rumored boycott by some countries, should Jerusalem get the hosting rights, is not a topic for the EBU. “There has been a lot of speculation and discussion. We have not had a serious talk about this. No broadcaster has informed us about a potential boycott.”

Check out the four minute interview with Jon Ola Sand below:

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