Joshua wins ESCDaily’s prediction contest with unbelievable list

Joshua has won the ESCDaily Prediction Contest. The Australian came up with a top-5 unbelievably close to the actual results; he swapped only Bulgaria for what turned out to be Russia on place 4. His victory will gain him a promo-package with Eurovision stuff.

Dara, who was the only other person to predict Georgia as the winner, finished in second place. Tamara took third place, followed by Britta-Sophie, Kurtis and chief editor Steef van Gorkum who was in Malta for ESC Daily all week.

You can find the list with full results below. And Joshua: we will be in contact with you soon about how to send over the price! Congratulations on your amazing victory.

  1. Joshua 72
  2. Dara                               49
  3. Tamara  39
  4. Britta-Sophie       36
  5. Kurtis                            36
  6. Steef van Gorkum 36
  7. Jasmin                  34
  8. EuroPaul             34
  9. Michael        34
  10. Dario          30
  11. Patrycja       30
  12. Eduardo 29
  13. Hal            22
  14. Stella               22
  15. euroviewer1              12
  16. Karin           06


    Really I’m so grateful, and good job to everyone else that made predictions!!! You all did a great job!

    I thought really hard about this; and I think the best way to predict a winner is to completely forget about the songs you personally like; and instead focus on the videos of the live rehearsals posted on YouTube and choose the performances that sound on key and are captivating from a musical perspective. This is especially important because this year there were no public votes; only musical professionals and so then it completely makes sense that Georgia won, as her song was musically dynamic and when she sung live, she was on key and was able showcase a wide range of skills with her voice; thus why I predicted her to win!

    Though I have to say I was very suprised by Russia and I actually thought after watching all the performances in the live show that the Neitherlands would have actually been in the top 5, but lucky they wernt or perhaps I would not have won! Haha

    Anyway thanks again guys! And good luck predicting next years winner!

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