Junior Eurovision: Day two rehearsals live

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Live from Yerevan, Armenia, the ESCDaily.com team will take your though today’s rehearsals live from the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2011!

Today’s rehearsals will be opened by Russia and closed by the Ukraine! Our coverage from today’s rehearsals will be covered live from host city – Yerevan – in Armenia by Helen Martirosyan, Khachatur Tovmasyan and Mcrtici Baghdasarian! We’d also like to thank the team from OGAE Armenia for their assistance during the event!



Katya Ryabova – Romeo and Juliet
Russia opens today’s rehearsals and Katya is once again has a strong presence on stage! Once again, the team onstage is dressed in their outfits for the final and the sycronisation between the performers is to a high standard. Katya’s vocals are on-key and the performance as a whole is one to look forward on the night of the final. This song is the current favourite in the betting to win, and with the rehearsal this morning, it looks like Russia are on track to finish very well in the voting on Saturday.

GALLERY: by Mcrtici Baghdasarian & Khachatur Tovmasyan

VIDEO: by Khachatur Tovmasyan



Amanda Bashmakova – Moondog
Next on stage is Amanda Bashmakova from Latvia with her entry ‘Moondog’. Currently, on the first two run-through’s, Amanda is experiencing some problems with her voice and getting through the song in one go. Run-through three is much better from Amanda as she gets through the song and her voice is much stronger. The green/yellow lighting seems very appropriate for the atmosphere of the song. The performance is pretty simple and basic, with Amanda singing alone on stage. The song needs a big boost before Saturday’s final, coming after the entry which is the current favourite to win from Russia.

GALLERY: by Khachatur Tovmasyan

VIDEO: by Khachatur Tovmasyan



Lerika – No, No
Next on stage with Lerika from Moldova who’s in full dress for today’s rehearsal. She’s wearing a frilly pink dress and the stage props include a yellow moped with an attached sun shaped balloon (resembling her preview clip for the song). Her vocals sound too rushed today and she is running out of breath which is affecting her vocals towards the end of the song. Lerika had the same issues yesterday, but is one of the stronger singers in this year’s competition. A better balance between performing and singing will lead to a great performance from Moldova in the final.

GALLERY: by Khachatur Tovmasyan

VIDEO: by Khachatur Tovmasyan



Dalita – Welcome to Armenia
Dalita is next on stage and enthusiastically ‘welcomes’ us to Armenia! This year’s host city is represented by the very musical Dalita who is energetic on stage today! Dalita’s vocals have improved since yesterday’s rehearsal and the performance looks good on stage set-up with the props and lighting on stage. The on-stage team are in casual dress today and the choreography looks ready for the final! The Armenians in the press center are all very proud of the Armenian rehearsals so far and are looking forward to Dalita’s performance in the final!

VIDEO: by Khachatur Tovmasyan



Ivan Ivanov – Superhero
Bulgaria is in casual dress for their second rehearsal of ‘Superhero’ today. Ivan sings well once again and the choregraphy looks improved today from yesterday’s rehearsal. The lighting of the stage once again is purple coloured with white and gold lights flashing on the background screens. Bulgaria had a successful rehearsal today and the whole Bulgarian team look comfortable on the stage.

VIDEO: by Khachatur Tovmasyan



Pauline Skrabyte – Debesys
Pauline is looking very upbeat and energetic as she did yesterday whilst performing her entry ‘Debesys’! Her vocals are strong this afternoon and she’s joined on stage once again by her keyboardist and three backing dancers. The choregraphy of her three backing dancers is basic as it was yesterday, but definitely compliments and puts the main focus on the song. A good rehearsal today from Pauline and Lithuania!

VIDEO: by junioreurovision.tv



Kristall – Evropa

‘Evropa’ is a very strong dance track from Kristall who is representing the Ukraine this year. The lighting boxes once again give great effects on the stage, but the stage seems to be very dark once again (however it looks good on the monitors). The song features a lot of the choreography on top of the boxes which adds a creative flair to the performance. The song is energetic and Kristall is quite the performer – Ukraine has great chances on Saturday to do well in the contest.



Ukraine completes today’s rehearsals!

Countries not rehearsing today will attend the excursion around the city which features sightseeing of Yerevan plus fun activities for the participants!

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