Junior Eurovision: EBU fires Executive Supervisor Yakovlev

The European Broadcasting Union has terminated the contract of Vladislav Yakovlev, Executive Supervisor of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest. Yakovlev had been working for the EBU since 2010, and was in charge of Junior Eurovision since 2013.

“In recent weeks Vladislav Yakovlev was offered a new role in the Live Events unit which oversees the Eurovision Song Contest, Junior Eurovision Song Contest, Eurovision Young Dancers and Eurovision Young Musicians events. Unfortunately an agreement couldn’t be reached on this new role,” it was stated on the EBU Facebook page.

Yakovlev himself had posted a different explanation earlier today, through a video message on his Facebook page. In this video, he stated that he “was fired because I dared to question the tender procedure, I dared to question where and how the EBU Members’ funds are being used.”

Bringing up “the tender procedure”, Yakovlev is referring to an EBU bidding process for companies to run the supporting services for the Eurovision Song Contest (ESC) and Eurovision Family of Events (EFE), including the Junior Eurovision Song Contest, the Eurovision Young Dancers and the Eurovision Young Musicians competitions. As a result of this process, it was to be expected that there would no longer be a place for Yakovlev’s right and left hand; Head of Press Kath Lockett and Chief Web Editor Luke Fisher.

In October of this year, Lockett was fired after publicly raising questions about the tender procedure. Yakovlev, however, claims to have only raised his questions internally.

Below you can see a part of the interview ESC Daily had with Vladislav Yakovlev two weeks ago during Junior Eurovision 2015 in Sofia. “I should say that I am very grateful to Kath for what she has done. Luke is still on board, and we will see how the procedure with the tender goes, and what will come out. But that is all I can say for now.”