JESC2016: All rehearsals Day 2

Rehearsals kick off on this second day of Junior Eurovision! Eight countries take the stage in Valletta. Press is not allowed in the Arena until Thursday, but we will provide you with the official footage from the EBU + our commentary.

Due to technical difficulties and an unforseen chance to join Alexa Curtis for her postcard recording, we decided not to bring you a liveblog today. Tomorrow, we will be liveblogging from Valletta the whole day, from the start of rehearsals at 10AM CET until the end.


Fiamma wears a black leather jacket that is unlikely to be her official outfit for Sunday. The backdrop behind her projects falling snowflakes, and the word “Mom” is projected in several languages. Vocals are generally good, although a bit fragile at times. Fiamma is confident in her movements and has no trouble finding the right camera.


Vocally, Zena shows that she is one of the more experienced voices in this competition. However visually, the Irish delegation does not seem ready for Sunday yet. Not only is Zena wearing a clearly different outfit, also the backdrops are empty or still on the Italian colours. No plan, but there are still a few days left. And Zena is a talented performer.


George is dressed fully in white, except for a black cape. From the intro onwards, the choreography is well thought through. George is originally a dancer and he delivers the Eric Saade-esc moves perfectly. Vocals are not great but good enough for a flat song like this, and the performance is energetic, professional and suits the song. However because of the broken screens, we have not been able to see how the camera work is for this performance – and that will be a very important feature.

The Netherlands

Extravagant and colourful outfits for the three girls, who have lyrics projected on their clothes. Dance routines are well-rehearsed, although again, we have not been able to see the camera work. Harmonies are vocally sound, solo’s are on-and-off. The bridge therefore remains a point of focus for the rest of this week.


The vocals for this relatively flat melody are solid, however the camera work is very one-sided. Except for the beginning, we see almost no close-ups. Instead, a lot of two-shots are used, where we miss the opportunity to see the expression on either of the faces. When the chance appears, Tim is adequate at catching the right camera. Shira has more trouble with this. Tim is wearing a casual black vest whilst Shir has a black puffball skirt.

FYR Macedonia

Backdrop colours for Macedonia are red at the beginning, and a lot of pink later on. Martija is not wearing her show outfit yet. She does not seem comfortable on the stage just yet, missing a few camera shots and relying on backing vocals for a few of the difficult notes. Despite the fact that the dance routines are well rehearsed, the complete picture is not as energetic (yet) as a song like this requires.


Christina, much like her predecessor Destiny, has the tendency to go off-script in her vocals, trying out ad-lips whether that’s appropriate or not. She can definitely sing, though, which will help her with the juries. Red, white and green in the backdrop, almost like a full rainbow, while dancers do their choreography relatively separated from the lead singer.


Vocally impressive Рthose would have to be the first two words of any comment on the Polish rehearsal. Olivia can shift between power and delicacy and delivers spot on. The setting for this ballad is a little old fashioned Рadmittedly fitting the song. She wears a puffy white dress. As the runthroughs progress, the Polish delegation starts to experiment with the backdrop. At first it was empty, later on it displays outter space with a planet in the shape of a heart. Olivia slightly gets familiar with the camera, although she keeps the tendency to close her eyes slightly too often.