Jury Darling Anna Odobescu marks Balkan ballad return for Moldova

Eurovision 2019 is the year of jury darlings. No less than 9 times this preselection season, a song won without the support of the televoters. ESCDaily introduces them all to you in the build-up to Tel Aviv, continuing with Anna Odobescu from Moldova.

On March 2nd, Moldova broadcasted its national final ‘O melodie pentru Europa 2019’ in which Anna Odobescu was crowned the Moldovan representative for 2019. The female vocalist was victorious against nine other competing acts during the one-show national selection. The show itself featured numerous technical difficulties that lead to a fellow participating entry having to re-perform their act.

During the final, the televote placed Maxim Zavidia as their clear favourite with 938 votes compared to their second and eventual winner Anna Odobescu having 674 votes less. Due to the votes being converted to standard ‘Eurovision-style voting’, in the end, a measly two points were between them. Juries, however, gave Maxim a mediocre, five points and rewarding Anna the top score of twelve, guaranteeing her victory.

Anna Odobescu “Stay” (Moldova, Eurovision 2019)

The song “Stay” is a classic 2000s to 2010s-style Eurovision Balkan ballad. One would assume it would appeal to televoters based on this fact however in recent times it is a risky strategy to replicate instead of originate. Odobescu, however, is an exceptional singer that vocally sells the song and proves she is a worthy representative for Moldova. Big question for Tel Aviv: will Moldova stand out in such a diverse line-up both visually and musically?

The Moldovan Eurovision entry returns to being composed by a plethora of foreign Eurovision songwriters including Georgios Kalpakidis who is a famed, veteran national final entry songwriter. In the past when Moldova took this strategy it had not been successful. However if “Stay” does well for Moldova it would open the doors further for foreign composers to have a platform to send the best in upcoming music that differentiates from the norm.

┬áThe alternative: Maxim Zavidia – I Will Not Surrender

Maxim Zavidia won the Moldovan televote with the song “I Will Not Surrender”. Do you think Moldova should have gone for him instead of Anna Odobescu?

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  1. Anna is an amazing singer (with good song and vocals) .. Maxim absolutely not, more a playboy

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