Jury rehearsal Semi 2: Vocal assessment of all the songs

Follow the jury show for the second semi final of the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest with us. In this blog you can read what we thought of the vocal qualities of each nation, and how we think the juries will react to their performance.

The jury potential of each song is rated on a scale from 1-5, with a more detailed description provided below that.

The show has started, we will update this blog as soon as the performances take place!

LATVIA Rating-4.0-stars

‘Heartbeat’ is a very juryfriendly song due to its uniqueness and the experimental level of it – it reminds us of Loic Nottet from last year. Justs vocal performance is not the most convincing he gave all week long, but still easily in-key and good enough to reach top ten in tonight’s voting.

POLAND Rating-3.0-stars

During this week, Michal has been up and down in his performances, unstable. Today, he starts out well but struggles in the second verse. The high notes in the first modulation are good, but in the second modulation he misses one. Technically this is a difficult song, which might favor him with juries.

SWITZERLAND Rating-1.5-stars

Rykka is still struggling with her vocals during her song “The Last Of Our Kind”, although it is not such a difficult song to sing. She makes an unsure impression, sometimes hitting the notes, but sometimes missing the exact same note a minute later. It is very likely that juries will place Switzerland in their bottom three this year.

ISRAEL Rating-3.0-stars

Coming after Switzerland, Hovi Star is vocally a much better performer than his predecessor. This week, he has had some troubles with the closing of the song. It was somewhat shaky, but definitely not bad. It’s a relatively safe ballad which could go down well with juries.

BELARUS Rating-1.5-stars

This has “jury unfriendly” written all over it. Ivan’s vocal performance has been bad all week – it is not at its worst tonight, but it is still not good enough. The visual aspects might work with televoters but are likely to feel cheap for jurors, especially in combination with the vocals. Song is technically weak in the third minute as well.

SERBIA Rating-4.0-stars

This contemporary ballad could be right up the juries’ ally, compositionwise. Sanja has never had any trouble with the first two minutes of the song but the end is technically difficult. She misses one note before the last refrain, but is solid all-over, and will pick up a lot of points.

IRELAND Rating-3.0-stars

Nicky managed to fix the sound irregularities between him and his backing vocals in the refrain. The first verse still sounds a little thin, but over all this is one of his better performances. He has the attitude of a professional experienced performer, which could both help him but also harm if they therefore take his vocal irregularities more seriously. Song is harmless and therefore jury friendly.

FYR MACEDONIA Rating-2.5-stars

There is no question about Kaliopi’s vocals (except for the very last note). The big question mark is whether or not juries are going to punish her for the dated song. It could go down with certain types of jurors, but certainly not with the ones who voted for Loic Nottet and Aminata last year.

LITHUANIA Rating-2.5-stars

Donny starts out well but loses breath in the second part of the song. Here, his backings are clearly taking over part of the work, which juries will also notice. The composition lacks a proper build-up in the refrain. Due to the fact that Donny, unlike many others, does not fully miss a note, he is still good enough for some jury points.

AUSTRALIA Rating-4.5-stars

Dami starts sitting down, but is still vocally really strong. Juries are going to notice the level of difficulty in this. Dami deflects from the melody line in part two, but in a strong way, creating difficult ad-lips which she vocally pulls off. The song is radio friendly and non-offensive and will go down well with juries. Of course, we as Team ESC Daily are completely biased.

SLOVENIA Rating-2.5-stars

Manuella misses a few notes, especially in the lower ranks. It is altogether not constantly off-key but definitely not-convincing either. Song is middle-of-the-road and could work for juries, especially with the full-ranking-system.

BULGARIA Rating-2.0-stars

Vocals generally good, except for two shaky notes at the beginning of the second verse. Song not necessarily jury material. In the second part, backing vocals play a slightly too important role in the sound of this performance.

DENMARK Rating-3.0-stars

The main singer of the band is, ironically, vocally the weakest link tonight. His two friends are sound in this performance. It has to be said though that this is one of their better performances of the week, and the song is classic jury material. The middle part of this semi is therefore really difficult to predict.

UKRAINE Rating-4.0-stars

Jamala steps on stage with her eyes filled with tears, shaking from emotions – and her voice shakes too. After the first few notes, she recovers, but she does miss the big high note at two-thirds of the song. This is one of her weaker performances so far, but we trust that she will get another chance on Friday.

NORWAY Rating-2.5-stars

The first line of the song is really off-key and makes a bad first impression on both juries and perhaps also televoters if she does not improve for tomorrow. The difficult notes in the refrain are covered up well, and the rest of the performance is less weak than it was earlier this week. It is difficult to say how this song will be perceived by juries: weakly built up, or experimental?

GEORGIA Rating-3.5-stars

Vocally flawless. Song jury unfriendly (especially because of the psychedelic parts), but in this semi, a vocally sound performance is rare and therefore good enough for quite some jury points. Due to a technical mistake in the visuals, Georgia gets a chance to perform again – the fact that they give a vocally identical performance, will definitely help with juries.

ALBANIA Rating-3.0-stars

Eneda still gets to display her vocal capabilities in this song, which could be picked by juries pretty well. The staging is calm and decent, and give it a positive hook for the jury in this busy show.

BELGIUM Rating-2.0-stars

Vocals are always a big factor of importance for the jury, and those are not good from Laura today. When a dance routine is done in such a professional matter, this is something that can also be received well. The shouting towards the audience is usually a red flag for the jury.

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  1. Reading your analysis it seems that whereas Semi 1 was so hard to predict because there was 13-14 really good songs then it seems the opposite here. Here it seems only 4 songs are both well sung and with Jury appeal (Latvia, Serbia, Australia & Ukraine). The last 6 qualifiers are hard to predict as the vocal perfomance was not so strong for the good songs but good for the “bad songs (i.e. Georgia).
    Interesting year.
    I am still gutted by Iceland as me and my daugther loved it so much. However Austria and Czech was a nice surprise.
    My GUESS before seeing the show in order of chances to qualify:
    Australia, Ukraine, Serbia, Bulgaria, Latvia, Denmark (it will get a lot of 4 and 5’s from countries and this will be enough), Belgium, Israel, Norway the 10th is really hard to predict but due to the running order and uniqueness I will say Gerogia despite I personally dislike it. If Ireland surpsirses me and are able to sing good life (or OKish like Azerbaijan managed by a miracle) then Ireland should take Georgias place.

    I think Switzerland is the only song that does not have any chance at all in this semi. All others can make it if they deliver a good show.

    Such a shame Iceland was not in this semi I really do think they would qualify from this.

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