Jury rehearsal: Vocal assessment of the Grand Final

So the jury show for the Grand Final of the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest has just ended. In this blog you can read what we thought of the vocal qualities of each nation, and how we think the juries will react to their performance.

The jury potential of each song is rated on a scale from 1-5, with a more detailed description provided below that.

Slovenia Rating-3.0-stars

Maraaya is as good and energetic as ever. Vocals are never a problem, and her different sound may be a trigger for juries. The first starting slot should not be a big problem in jury vote.

France Rating-3.5-stars

Great vocal power by Lisa Angell, especially near the end of her song. The song is old fashioned, but that may fare well with juries.

Israel Rating-2.0-stars

A poor vocal performance by Nadav, also compared to the previous jury rehearsal. The crowd is loving him, and maybe juries did the same in the semi, but in a field of 27 this will struggle to pick up many jury points.

Estonia Rating-4.0-stars

Amazing staging, this like a movie, in a different contest. The vocals are slightly weaker than before, but juries will still appreciate this composition.

United Kingdom Rating-1.5-stars

Vocals are not even that bad, but the performance has ‘amateurish’ written all over it. Even if you take the genre into consideration, this is a bad performance, that juries will not understand.

Armenia Rating-2.5-stars

Inga is missing a couple of lines because she is not holding her microphone right. Furthermore a nice vocal performance, better than in the semi’s. Might struggle in a field of 27 however.

Lithuania Rating-3.0-stars

Nothing new compared to the semi performance. A decent vocal performance, a song which is hurting no one and has some appeal to all. They might benefit from the fact that juries make a full ranking and will not place it way at the bottom.

Serbia Rating-2.0-stars

Very weak low opening lines by Bojana. Later she recovers, but she is shouting to the audience a couple of times. This is usually a red flag for juries. Also the key change remains an issue with the jury vote, we guess.

Norway Rating-4.0-stars

Solo vocals remain a slight struggle and not totally convincing. It was better tonight than in the semi’s though. The harmonies are great as always and the song remains to have much jury appeal.

Sweden Rating-4.5-stars

Mans is great as ever. He might not be the best vocalist in the pack, but he is not making any mistakes. His timing in his act is showing a form of professionalism (which is a keyword for juries). The whole song, act and staging is extremely artistic and will be highly appreciated, not only among televoters.

Cyprus Rating-3.5-stars

John is not as nervous as before. He might be forgotten by televoters in between the two favourites, but juries will see past that.

Australia Rating-4.5-stars

Guy vocally blows the competition away and could well win the jury vote in the 2015 contest. A clever, modern song with hit potential, being delivered in a professional way. High class.

Belgium Rating-4.0-stars

A difficult song, being performed extremely well. Some slight mistakes whilst laying on the ground but that is all. Loic is a former talent show artist, something juries usually appreciate.

Austria Rating-3.5-stars

Some small mistakes, but still a good performance. The song by The Makemakers has jury appeal. There is probably not a single one that will place this song as 27th on their list.

Greece Rating-4.0-stars

This one ticks all the boxes for the juries. A vocal flawless performance by a former talent show winner. In this final however, we see a lot of good vocalists and potential strong jury songs, so Maria Elena might still be surpassed by others.

Montenegro Rating-3.5-stars

The songs composed by Zeljko Joksimovic always fair well by juries throught the whole continent. Slick performance, good vocals. Knez is delivering on the big night.

Germany Rating-2.0-stars

Ann Sophie is not leaving a everlasting impression. With nothing more than a decent song and decent performance, she might struggle to get many points tonight. Also, this genre is not very jury friendly, based on past results.

Poland Rating-2.5-stars

Juries might have looked the other way when Monika’s vocals were not great in the semi, but in the final with that many great artists, there is no way Poland will be in the top 10 by the end of this night. Still, also considering the genre of the song, this will probably do better in the jury vote than with televoters.

Latvia Rating-4.0-stars

Aminata is delivering one the best vocal performances of the participants in this years contest. Slight doubts if this song is jury-material. After all it is a very distinct song, which might go better with televoters than juries.

Romania Rating-3.5-stars

Once again, Voltaj is giving their best performance on the jury night. The fact that they are openly applying for diaspora votes might be a disadvantage in some jury lists. Still, this is a vocally good performance of a very jury friendly song.

Spain Rating-2.5-stars

Edurne is gasping for air, and goes off-key a couple times. Also, the song is not jury material. Will probably end in the bottom 10 of tonights voting.

Hungary Rating-3.5-stars

The start was better than on monday, and Boggie is giving a cute and good vocal performance. Especially with the juries, we can not see this end lower than the 17th place.

Georgia Rating-4.0-stars

Nina’s illness is obviously gone, as this talent show winner is nailing Warrior pitch-perfect tonight. Jury’s might also appreciate the artmanship in the staging. The song genre appears to be not suitable for jury’s, but it is very difficult to sing. Perhaps juries will recognize this and award Nina for it, as they did with Finland last year.

Azerbaijan Rating-3.0-stars

Elnur won The Voice of Turkey, but is not showcasing his full talent in this song. Some shaky notes, especially in the second verse. Also we have doubts if this is a song jury’s will appreciate, with that many other ballads in the contest as well.

Russia Rating-4.5-stars

A very jury friendly song, especially in the Western part of Europe. Polina sounded a bit nervous in the verses, but was very strong in each chorus once again and in the end she blows the juries away. Very strong contender to win the jury vote tonight.

Albania Rating-2.0-stars

Elhaida sounded better tonight than on Tuesday night. In this field with 27 contestants however, with many great vocalists, this should end quite low in the jury voting.

Italy Rating-4.0-stars

Ignazio is the weakest singer of the three tonight, but the overall level is really high for Il Volo. In the past, juries were not friendly for songs in the pop/meets/opera genre. However, we have never had a song in this genre that was delivered this well.


  1. I must say I am very sceptical about the professionalism of the juries. They are not held to account for their marks and are equally prone to neighbour voting. I don’t believe they genuinely follow the EBU guidelines about vocal quality and staging. It’s all about the caprices of personal taste both televote and jury.

    • We’re sorry, but during the Jury Dress Rehearsals, Edurne was breathing hard in her microphone, sometimes gasping, which is something juries usually are very critical about. UPD: She finished in 25th place in the jury vote…

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