Kate Miller-Heidke: “My act for ‘Zero Gravity’ will change for Eurovision 2019”

Kate Miller-Heidke has confirmed to ESCDaily that the stage act for Australia’s song ‘Zero Gravity’ will be changed for the Eurovision Song Contest 2019. “I am happy how it went, but now we get to rethink it,” the singer says.

“I get to have another crack at the staging,” Kate tells us in the video which you can see below. “Keep the things that worked, and add some other elements. In Australia Decides there were perhaps too many elements, while there is already so many going on in the song. We will now do it a little more focussed and streamlined.”

Kate Miller-Heidke: Amazing that people share their story with me

“As a listener, I love to play party songs. But as a songwriter, I guess I enjoy using pain as inspiration.” The song ‘Zero Gravity’ has a deeper meaning, coming from Kate’s own battles with depression. “I have received a lot of amazing and meaningful feedback from peoples own experiences. It is incredible.”