Kate Miller-Heidke: “Still room for improvement”

Kate Miller-Heidke interview

ESCDaily spoke to Kate Miller-Heidke after the first rehearsal of Australia’s song Zero Gravity at the Eurovision Song Contest 2019. She is very optimistic about her first runthrough.

Reactions in the press center were quite good to Australia’s first Eurovision rehearsal. Kate decided to change the act of her song compared to the national final, as she promised to ESCDaily last week. Instead of the big dress, Kate is now standing on a pole just like her backing dancers. A globe is projected on screen. It all seems more focused on one concept.

“We were happy with how it went. Still, there’s room for some improvement,” Kate Miller-Heidke told ESCDaily. Thursday, Kate has a chance to work on a few more details during her second rehearsal. We will see how her next rehearsal goes.

For now, check out what Kate has to say below!

Watch Kate Miller-Heidke ‘s Eurovision interview with ESCDaily:

Penis Gravity

We have some bonus material for you! Kate just admitted that her 3-year-old son is not a fan of her song. “He likes to sing along to it, but he changes the lyrics to ‘Penis Gravity’…” If that is not a clear sign of a 3-year-old, I don’t know what is!