Kate Miller-Heidke: “Zero Gravity is about overcoming depression”

Last weekend, Kate Miller-Heidke was chosen to represent Australia at the Eurovision Song Contest 2019. After winning Australia Decides, she explains the meaning of her song ‘Zero Gravity’.

“Zero Gravity is a song about overcoming depression,” Kate explains. “It’s a song that tries to capture that feeling when you’re coming out of a period of being very down, when the world is coming back into colour and into focus again. When you feel like you can gather your strength, that you are in control of your life.”

Kate Miller-Heidke also sings out of personal experience: “The kernel of the song started to germinate after I had my son Ernie and I went through a period of feeling quite low and depressed. It was around after he turned two, when I woke up one day and suddenly felt strong again. A new, wiser, maybe even stronger version of me. When I sing it, it is a powerful and a meaningful song. I love that the song is in some ways seriously emotionally, but in other ways, just the right level of bonkers.”

Kate Miller-Heidke – Zero Gravity

Check out the Australian song for Eurovision 2019 below: