Katerine Duska: “Meaning of my act open to interpretation”

Katerine Duska Eurovision interview ESCDaily

People who will watch the performance from Greece in the Eurovision Song Contest 2019 will see a lot of visual acts and props on stage. Katerine Duska knows there is a deeper meaning behind it all.

“I really like to keep it open to interpretation,” the Greek singer tells ESCDaily. “I want it to be like the revolution of love. Romantic and very powerfull. A strong female fighting spirit. We are using a lot of symbolism and I love it that every person has their own interpretation.”

Katerina Duska spoke to ESCDaily about her Eurovision song “Better Love”:

Greece will make some alterations to ‘Better Love’ after their first rehearsal

Apart from it all, after the first rehearsal on Sunday there will still be made some changes to the filming of ‘Better Love’: “There are quite a few changes that I would like to make. Concerning camera shots and angles. But I am pretty hopefull that it will work out,” says Katerine Duska.