Hungary: Kati Wolf speak to

Hungarian broadcaster MTV today organised an online press conference, giving the chance for international media to meet and speak to this year’s entrant Kati Wolf. took part, and here is the low-down on the morning’s proceedings.

Firstly, here are the questions that was able to ask:

Kati, you took part in the Hungarian X-Factor, which is kind of like Eurovision- everyone sings live etc. What did you learn from this experience?
I think it was good that applied to X-Factor, and it was good to do a show like this- you have to do it live, and many people are watching you on screen, so it was very good practice. But there is a big difference with Eurovision- there I was singing for myself, and now I’m singing for my country.

How does it feel to have the weight of the entire Hungarian people on your shoulders?
I know that the Hungarian people love my song, and it gives me great strength.

You have two children, the youngest who is just one year old. How do you find time for your family and your career?
I have many helpers, my husband, the grandparents, and I couldn’t do it without them!

Your song has been written by Viktor Rakonczai and Gergő Rácz, both who have Eurovision experience from 1997- how have they been to work with, and did they give you any advice?
They told me to show myself well and sing very emotionally, and I think it’s the most important thing- to sing emotionally across the song. They told me that the show will be very professional and good, and will be very good technically.

You’re doing very well in Eurovision polls, and also in the betting. What is your aim for Eurovision, is it to win? To qualify?
I think everyone wants to win! But in the moment, I have three minutes to show my best. If I can sing the way I want to, I’ll be happy.

And finally, what are you looking forward to most about Düsseldorf?
Wow, good question! I think I’ll focus on the three minutes! I enjoyed taking part in X-Factor because I love to sing, and if I can show that on stage it will be the best three minutes of my life!

Other questions asked about her stage performance: There will be six of us, including dancers. I will dance a little bit, but not too much as I want to concentrate on singing, as it’s a hard song. I can’t say much more about the performance or the dress, but it will be blue!

Why was it decided to sing in two languages? Well, unfortunately I don’t think many people understand Hungarian, so we decided to sing in English so that many more people can understand the song when it’s in Eurovision. I would love to keep singing in English though, and we ‘learn’ pop music in English.

What is Kati’s favourite Eurovision entry? Can I say Friderika Bayer? It was such a good song!

With thanks to MTV for inviting us to their online press conference this morning.