Kiev 2017: Alma and Lucie Jones increase confidence on stage

Lucie Jones admits that she felt a bit stressed during her first rehearsal at the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest in Kiev. “I was still getting used to the stage, the camera’s. Trying to get it all right. Today I was able to relax more.”

Her co-competitor from France, Alma, had a similar experience. This despite from the fact that her first runthrough today had some vocal issues. Alma states: “I am not the most talented dancer, so in the preparations for this contest we decided to cut out most of the difficult choreography. I should be able to focus on what I am good at and what the song is about.”

Watch the press conferences for United Kingdom and France below:

Both countries drew a slot in the second half of the show today. It must be a relief to both countries, who are desperately looking for a good result in this year’s competition. The United Kingdom has not finished in the top-15 of the contest since boyband Blue in 2011.