Kiev 2017: Artists dress their best on Red Carpet

ESCDaily were present at the opening ceremony for Eurovision 2017 in which forty-two delegations walked over a mile of red carpet for the accredited fans and press. 

Security was an utmost priority during the event in which the full Kiev-based police force blocked roads. They also monitored who entered and exited the parliament buildings of Kiev in which the event was held.

Anja Nissen

Among the best dressed include Anja Nissen for Denmark who wore a beautiful yet revealing white dress that wasn’t afraid to show you what she got. Some comments included that it was “too revealing”. However the reaction for her overall look was very positive and she gave off a great impression during her interviews. Anja seems to relax and enjoy Kiev now a lot more than at the beginning of the week.

Isaiah Firebrace

Isaiah for Australia was also well dressed, sporting a designer, black suit which helped provide him with a mature image. He didn’t seem fazed by the spotlight at all. He simply remained a consummate professional throughout with a large positive wanting from the local fans.

Check out our impression video below: