Kiev 2017: Live-blog Day 8

Check out what is happening today in Kiev in our special daily live blog. It is a short day at the press center, as only the big five and Ukraine return for the second rehearsals. But the other events in Kiev are very exciting as well…

In the following blog, you can find the latest Eurovision news from Kiev with the newest update appearing on top. For in-depth rehearsal coverage, check our rehearsal blog.

13:45 – End of the blog

That means we have to end the live-blog as well. Do stay tuned for news, reportages & coverage of the ceremony later on ESCDaily today!

13:24 – Remaining tv-footage for United Kingdom & France

13:00 – End of the program

An early end of the day, because of the Opening Ceremony later on.

12:46 – Albania looking forward to red carpet

12:32 – France draws second half

All of the finalist countries have now drawn their halves. Almost all of them caught second half, although top favorite Italy is in the first.

12:29 – Last press conference of the day

After France draws their running order half, the program at the press center is already over. Team ESCDaily is getting ready for the red carpet ceremony.

11:56 – Cake 2 bake

We found another celebration cake! Probably filled with heaps of sugar and loads of calories.

11:50 – Germany to perform in second half

Levina is about to perform also in the second half. If EBU wants to please the Big 5 they will have to put both Germany and Spain somewhere in the end of the draw. Otherwise those two entries will be lost.

11:20 – Ape goes press

Francesco took his monkey with him to the press conference. For those interested watch the pressconference here:

11:20 – Alma has not improved on vocals

France has just finished their first runthrough for today. Wearing the same dress. Alma sings still quite weakly lacking power. She is leaning heavily on her backing vocalists. Sometimes Alma sings well, other times sounds a bit uninspired. One thing is for certain, Alma is very inconsistent in her vocals and walks around out of sync, the dancers are still missed. All looks very good in de arena though. So compliments on the graphics/backdrops.

11:15 – Spain gets ‘second half’

Manel just picked randomly ‘second half’ out of the bowl so the beach boys will be positioned anything between 14th and 26th place in the draw.

11:13 – Italy is online

EBU posted the video of todays Italian rehearsal, see it here:

11:12 Spain is online

EBU posted the video of todays Spanish rehearsal, see it here:

10:57 UK: no major changes

Lucie sings very well this morning. At last, we won’t see UK in the bottom of the final ranking. Lucie changed her dress, the theme is still gold but she’s gone from having a more of a mustard yellow gold dress to a metallic strappy gold dress, it’s much nicer.Maybe BBC should reconsider some arm movements, but that’s just minor detail.

10:55 The naked ape will be dancing in the first half of the final.

Italy will perform in the first half of the final. Francesco just picked randomly ‘first half’ out of the bowl so the dancing ape will be positioned anything between 1st and 13th place in the draw.

10:47 It’s ‘Time’ to watch T.Orvald online!

Here you find the video of todays Ukraine’s rehearsal.

10:45 Croatian Jacques desperately looking for friends.

In the presskit of Croatia we found off course two post cards of him in his two outfits whih got cut in half and stihed to one eachother, but also a chocolate bar and a heart marked ‘Zagreb’. No lack of confidence here, still Houdek desperately seeks friends.

10:28 – Germany triples for last place?

Levina’s dress and act are very classy, but in such a mediore way, that Levina could be heading for the tripple last, despite or thanks to 50 shades of grey in lighting. Pyrotechnics nor vocals will help them much.

10:20 – Betting experts agree on bad performance Manel

09:58 – Spain tries but keeps errors in

The beginning, where the band looked back at the LED-wall, was taken out during the first runthrough. However it returns in runthrough two. The backing vocals are sampled this time, as opposed to the first runthrough. We see a vintage Volkswagen-red-white bus on stage (like picture, off course without the logo) and projected surfboards on the LED-floor. Vocals are pretty weak.

09:46 – Identical runthroughs

As opposed to Italy’s first rehearsal, nothing changes throughout the runthroughs today. They now what they want and they do it well.

09:30 – The monkey keeps nailing it

Francesco again performed his monkey-namaste song. Visuals are more bright and monkey clearly visable this time. Small improvements for the better. Morning voice vocals, but that will be allright on the night itself.

09:26 – Ukraine aheads  towards top 15?

O.Torvald just finished their pratise ‘Time’. The band consilidated the good visuals, but only added a few ‘mint’ lightbeams. The eyes in the eyed first shine blue, then turn into yellow. The Ukrainian flag is subtlely inorporated into the lighting plan.

09:15– Ukrainian bakery is ready to celebrate!

Look what we came across at the bakery! Eurovision celebrating cake!

08:00 – The schedule for day eight

A short day in the press centre. Within an hour, O.Torvald from Ukraine will rehearsa for the second time, followed by the big-5 nations. Later on, they will all go on the red carpet for the official opening ceremony in Kiev! Here is the full schedule for today. Please note that these are the local times in Ukraine, which are CET+1.