Kiev 2017: Live-blog Day 9

The week of liveshows has begun! Today we will finally see the first two dress rehearsals of the first semi final. Team ESCDaily has set up camp in the press center to tell you all the details of how the show will look.

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19:42 – That concludes tonight’s dress rehearsal

Thank you for reading our coverage of tonight’s dress rehearsal. We will produce a separate article for tonight’s jury rehearsal where we shall go in-depth all the performances and try to judge them through the eyes of a juror.

19:28 – Eurovision bromance?

19:08 – Check out yesterday’s red carpet footage below

While we wait for the official jury rehearsal for semi final one yesterday ESCDaily were present at the opening ceremony red carpet event officiating Eurovision 2017 in Kiev. Check out our article HERE if you’d like to see how it went.

18:32 – When Australians collide

DR organised a meet and greet event between our two Australian representatives. We will post a full article regarding the event later. In the meantime here’s a photo from the event of Anja and Isaiah from the event.

18:05 – Four hour break until Jury rehearsal

That concludes the first full dress rehearsal for semi-final one of Eurovision 2017. Promising content but many technical issues that hopefully will be overcome for the actual show and tonight’s jury rehearsal in which the jurors will see and vote for the their qualifiers for this season. Return at 22:00 for coverage of the jury rehearsal.

17:50 – Fake voting results shown and conclusion

The two main hosts announced the “qualifying” countries. They add tension during the final three to be announced and even more so for the final country similar to Stockholm. Visuals very similar to Stockholm 2016 also, overall same set-up while the hosts perform decently, not as well as Petra and Mans however. Recap played after of the qualifying countries. Hosts conclude the show with a reference to for more information.

17:45 – Hosts in green room and rehearse big five videos

We see the hosts chat to multiple artists including Australia followed by three of the finalists. They play one minute clips from the artists.

17:35 – Jamala performs her new single despite meant for final

Jamala performs her new single “Zamanyly” even though Jon Ola explained it was meant for final interval act. Despite such, Jamala wears a white robe with Mediterranean, saturated threads hanging from it. Sounds good but not as good as 1944 if that was your cup of tea.

17:29 – Hosts countdown followed by Verka video

Yellow numbers flash up on blue background as the two shaven hosts count down from sixty – once they reach ten they count down to five in Ukrainian and from four to zero. Next up Verka video in which him and his mother do random things across Ukraine.

17:22 – Jamala performs orchestral version of 1944

Jamala is on-stage now to perform the interval act she is surrounded by five backing dancers in floral dresses. New version sounds better and good reaction from press centre. Afterwards the hosts ask her how life has changed for her since winning however she doesn’t answer for some reason and instead speaks in Ukrainian.

17:06 – Francesco has even more fun on-stage

Italy finally appears and seems to be having perhaps too much fun on-stage. Camera angles have improved however certain shots of the gorilla make the suit look cheap. Overall good performance overall and strong reaction from press centre.

16:56 – Hosts have some jokes and Lucie Jones gains an accent

While we wait for the next performance from UK we are rejoined by the three hosts in the press centre who jokingly one of the hosts says he’s the biggest loser this year as Eurovision 2017 has made him lost 15 kilograms in preparation for the show. Lucie Jones is finally on-stage and captivates the audience however it seems she may of gained a slight eastern european accent from her time in Kiev as she pronounces certain words heavy on the letter ‘t’. We’ll see if this was intentional or not during the final.

16:50 – Technical delay haults next Big 5 + Ukraine performance

After the second run-through of the Italian postcard, Jon Ola explains that they will need to work out how to fit in the change of staging within the postcard for the jury final only within forty-five seconds.

16:42 – Spain up next but Italian postcard throughout all three

After the first recap, Jon Ola explains that for all three of the Big 5 performing tonight that the Italian postcard will be shown. Francesco is seen wearing a football top and appearing as a chef. Overall the best postcard we’ve seen and shows off his quirky, comedic side very well. Manel performs his track with a very long opening shot of Manel and the three backing singers to their back to the camera. Perhaps it will be adjusted later tonight for the jury rehearsal.

16:38 – Slovenia not looking his best, Latvia end show on crazy form

Omar Naber for Slovenia doesn’t seem on full form tonight as his facial expressions doesn’t connect well on-screen. Latvia’s postcard provides a more casual, fun look at Triana Park. Latvia doesn’t change much but vocals were not the best especially the backing singers who seem to loud overall on the performance. Overall, works well as a track to close the show.

16:32 – Cyprus mellows the crowd, Armenia takes all focus

Nothing new in regards to Hovig and Gravity however Armenia fully captures the audience with the Sacha Jean-Baptiste staging. Works very well on-stage, vocals sound great. Overall should do well especially for juries.

16:23 – Martina meets the CT team

In her postcard, Martina visits the studios of Ceska Televize, the broadcaster sending her to Eurovision. Her performance is vocally alright as always, however she seems to have been late for make-up this afternoon.

16:19 – Presenter takes a selfie

The presenters take another break after Iceland. One of them speaks about involvement about social media, while the other takes a selfie as a joke.

16:10 – Moldovan girls change from funeral to wedding outfit

Sunstroke Project are on-stage and all remains the same apart from the three backing singers who now wear a black skirt and hat which gives off more of a funeral attire until the change back into the wedding. During postcard they shop for records.

16:05 – Kasia walks the dogs and jumps in a puddle

While her postcard is quite upbeat with her walking three dogs and jumping in puddles in a tracksuit. She’s dressed very well and sings her dark electronic yet orchestral ballad. Vocals sound good, her hair seems to be quite static however. We see freedom in text added during the end.

16:02 – Postcard issues remain as Demy perform

Demy adds some much needed uplifting with her track. Vocals sound stronger dispute postcard mix-up as Portugal’s banner appears. Not perfect from Demy but it stands out due to contrast of nature from Portugal. Should qualify even though it’s not the greatest they’ve sent.

15:57 – We finally see Salvador sing for Portugal in Kiev

Salvador may have only arrived yesterday but he’s quite proud to wear his pass on-stage. Vocals are superb and quite emotional. He wears a full dark suit with a red handkerchief which looks smart but doesn’t seem to help him stand out on stage as he blends to the dark background. Press centre overall got choked up with tears after this performance. Hosts talking after also allow Portugal to linger onto the televotes and juries minds.

15:52 – Finland and Azerbaijan bring dark vibes to arena

Both postcard feature same content. Finland nail their performance as always, Azerbaijan however Dihaj had a couple of vocal issues which could affect her during her jury rehearsal later. We will keep an eye for that later.

15:47 – Eurovision trivia

After Slavko there is a green room break. The host walks around the green room and lists some Eurovision trivia about qualification statistics and other scoresheet facts. I like this idea, although the English accent of the guy is quite bad.

15:42 – Slavko goes to theatre and puts on his skirt in postcard

Montenegro is next up and in his postcard we see him running, trying on the blue skirt he wears in his performance and goes to musical theatre – definitely not cliche at all. Performance contains all the crazy, Slavko-style performance we expect including the hair twirling. Overall made the press centre have a good laugh.

15:39 – Belgium now sounds decent until final chorus

Blanche is on-stage now wearing a black dress and her vocals seem to have improved slightly. Overall perform fits better now and it now has gained potential to do well. At the final chorus her voice just doesn’t handle the notes.

15:35 – Douwe’s clock returns for Lindita

Lindita is on-stage with her veil. Clocks surround the visuals. In her postcard we see her running during one of the rapid pace short motion shots. Faded green background after second chorus. Vocals sound screechy during long notes.

15:32 – Australia sounds strong and add a spark waterfall

All postcards open in the same location where all the focus is on the artist. Their style can get boring after a while however. Isaiah sounds good with many images of himself projected around him. Suit looks good, use of a spark waterfall at ends work for him.

15:30 – Slight delay after postcard for Georgia

Due to creation of dry ice, there was a small delay from the postcard showing to the performance. Overall suited and the addition of dry ice and CGI smoke at intro. At final chorus fire encircles Tamara.

15:25 – Sweden opens the show in style but have small slip

Postcard features slow-paced yet visually stunning images that focus on the artist. Robin Bengtsson is on-stage and nothing new has been changed. Overall, professional performance however during the final chorus one of the backing dancers slips slightly on the treadmill.

15:20 – Boyband of hosts start the show

We see our hosts on-screen who all wear blue suits. They speak good English unlike the hosts of 2005. Overall good chemistry together and on-screen to the audience. They introduce the first songs starting with Sweden.

15:15 – Re-take of Manatek due to out-of-breath

Floor manager Henrik and Jon Ola Sand stop the performance to re-take it. No issues second time round.

15:05 – Local fashion and Ukrainian Justin Timberlake open the show

We open with a short instrumental video in which we see traditional Ukrainian women but on their cultured clothing including close-ups of unique ear-rings, brooches and necklaces. Afterwards the opening act is shockingly not Ruslana or Jamala as previously rumoured but instead it is Monatik performing “Spinning” – a very R’n’b yet quite modern track in which he syncs choreography with one female dancer. It includes head-banging and afterwards he introduces the host slightly out-of-breath.

14:58 – Jon Ola explains small delays and jokes with the press

Jon Ola Sand is on our screen and explains that there will be small delay to the dress rehearsal and checks that the press are “as far away from the arena as possible”. The press centre chuckled. Stand ins will be used for the green room but tonight’s jury rehearsal will use the actual artists in the green room.

14:54 -BBC Eurovision films with Francesco

14:44 – Isaiah focuses on vocals

In our interview with the Australian youngster, he told us the reason behind cutting out most of his choreography. Read more in our article!

15:38 – Start of the blog

We are here! In 22 minutes, the first dress rehearsal will start. Brandon McCann liveblogs that one for you. Enjoy!


    • Dear Anne, thanks for your question! During this first dress rehearsal, our focus is generally not on the performances but on the entire show. Visuals, postcards, presenters, interval acts – we want to give you an idea of all the details that together will make the show.

      Tonight, there is the Jury Rehearsal. We will liveblog this show looking in-depth at all the performances, through the eyes of a juror. Please feel free to follow this blog if you want to know how Iceland and other countries performed during this important show! After all, 50% of the votes will be determined tonight.

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