Kiev 2017: No tickets reserved for OGAE fanclub members

There will be no reserved tickets for the shows of the Eurovision Song Contest 2017 for members of the OGAE fanclubs throughout Europe. All fans must acquire tickets through the regular waves of tickets, of which the first round will go on sale tomorrow, the 14th of February. This news has been confirmed to ESC Daily by sources within several OGAE clubs. 

After a couple of delays, the EBU confirmed today that the first tickets will be sold this Tuesday evening. Originally, tickets were bound to go on sale a bit earlier, like in recent years.

Last week, OGAE International had a meeting in Kiev, where some preliminary agreements on ticket sales for the fan clubs were made. These agreements have now been cancelled. After that meeting it turned out that the tender for the ticket agency was not executed correctly. Subsequently, the result of the tender was overturned by the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine. As of now, it seems this year the OGAE and their members will not have any privileges in buying tickets for the shows.

Partly as a result of the failed tender process, several key members of the organization in Ukraine decided to resign from their position. However, the remaining members of the Ukrainian host broadcaster, who are doing the preparations the contest, remain confident everything will be ready in time. The EBU also confirmed today that they will stick to the current schedule, with the contest taking place on the 9th, 11th and 13th of May.