Kiev 2017: Norwegian juror replaced after negative Ireland comments

Norway has replaced one of this year’s jurors. Per Sundnes gave negative comments on public television in regards to Ireland entry in this year’s contest.

The news comes from The which is one Ireland’s most popular newspapers. Within the article the newspaper quote that allegedly Norway replaced Sundnes due to “a breach in contest rules”.

Sundnes is a locally famous talk show host and journalist. He previously hosted Norway’s national final selection Melodi Grand Prix in multiple occasions along with commentating for NRK in 2007. He was replaced due to needing commentary more “anonymous” due to his known “colorful language”.

Sundnes’ comments about Ireland

The report that Sundnes made the comments when:

Speaking on the official countdown show to the Eurovision ahead of the first semi final of the contest on Tuesday night, Mr Sundnes made comments that suggested he had negative preconceptions about Ireland’s entry, allegedly saying that Ireland have “lost it completely” when it comes to the Eurovision.

Irish Head of Delegation Michael Kealy has responded since Sundnes’ replacement stating:

I’m glad that the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) have reacted swiftly to this situation and that all jury members are impartial.

It’s only fair that each song in the Eurovision Song Contest is judged on its individual merits on the night.

EBU announced local artist manager and CEO Erland Bakke as the replacement for Sundnes. Both Norway and Ireland will have their jury final on Wednesday 10th May. And both jurors have the ability to vote for one another.

Four other countries als had a change in their jury line-up. These other changes are:

Natasha Cuppit replaces Jordan Raskopoulos on the Australian jury
In Austria Sasha Saedi has been named as the fifth jury member
Aleksander Lavrini replaces Mistermash on the jury for Slovenia
Jean-Marie replaces Ivan Broggini on the Swiss jury

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  1. Following the news that Norwegian ESC jury member Per Sundnes has been “relieved” of his duties, it should be pointed out that during NRK’s preview shows, Ireland was not the only victim of his scorn and ridicule. Some examples:

    Belgium: “Like Adele, only sewer comes out each time she opens her mouth.”

    Lithuania: “How bad could the other entries have been for them to chose this?”

    Poland: “It sounds as if the song is written by a 6-year-old.”

    Germany: “They would never have qualified if they had to go through a semi final.”

    Latvia: “It sounds messy and strange.”

    UK: “I am completely in shock. A great power like the UK delivering such an average entry. The video looks like it’s from Eastern Europe. Is this the best they can do? Very strange. They try to pretend that they take this seriously. There is nothing there! (Making a snoring sound.) It’a like a black hole.”

    Cyprus: “They will never win unless the Greek and Turkish parts are reunited.”

    Commenting on Switzerland, he said about Lys Assia: “Every year she attends the final. She thinks she is a diva, but she walks around like a living skeleton. If you don’t see her, take a closer look: She might be hiding under your table.”

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