Kiev 2017: All rehearsals Day 3

In this article you can find in-depth analysis of the rehearsals of day three of the Eurovision Song Contest 2017, from Serbia to Ireland. If you want live updates of everything going on at the press center, please follow our Live-Blog with all the other news as well!

Nine countries from the second semi final are on stage in Kiev for their first round of rehearsals. The day starts with Serbia and we close off the day with Brendan Murray from Ireland.


Please note that these are the local times in Ukraine, which are CET+1


White jumpsuit, blue background with water bubbles, like Greece had. Tijana is accompanied with a dancer also dressed in white. Vocals are okay, first runthrough there was trouble with the in-ears and she sounded really off. Second run was better. Still she perfoms like a backing singer, instead of a lead singer. She does not show enough confidence on stage, it sees. Wind machine is switched on, but really not to much is happening. It’s not the opening act one hopes for.


Natan starts sitting on a glitterbal moon (concept of “Le petit prince”). Very good opening shots, close up. Trent has good facial mimics and knows how to find the camera. He is living the lyrics. Coulours are pink, blue purple. Backdrops with clouds obviously. Nathan – dressed in white – jumps of the moon and walks around in his energetic way. Then climbs on the moon again, last shot is him walking on air…. (glass plate and dried ice). Vocals are good but Nathan tends to sometimes miss a note in his super voice flexibility. He sells his song very well, with emotion and like he is enjoying it.


City lights in the black & white skyline. Blanche would be jealous for this backdrop. Halfway the lighting changes to more red and blue, but actually nothing is happening during the song. Vocals are mediocre. Needs pyrothenics and/or more action. Jana dances alone on stage in a dark green dress. She moves in a sympathetic way, but cannot captivate the attention the whole song. Actually after one minute the viewer might get bored. There’s loads of work to be done for the Macedonian delegation. For now the word is ‘too generic’ to do anything.


Very statical and old school. Off-white dress , blue backdrop. Born in 1988, Claudia looks like 50 years old but very classical too in her baided dress. In the backdrop we get to see closeups of Claudia’s voice. This voice is very good. So being one of the few slow tempo songs in this semi might might be beneficial for Malta when it comes to juries. It would be helpful if the singer would open her eyes while singing. Over all this is classic, simple and appealing to a certain audience.


Romania is really refreshing this year. Starting with an animated toy army in the background the childrens program animation (BBC style) continues for three minutes, including a music bar with the words ‘Yodel it’ written als music notes. The whole act is fun to watch and in a way hilarious. Vocals are good, and both have a good chemistry, although this is not always shown well on camera. Near the end two cannons will be rolled on stage with Alex sitting on one of them. Cannons will probably produce a lot of tickertape/confetti. Surely this act will stick to peoples minds. Good thing is that while Ilinca sings her more difficult (musically) part there is no distraction animationwise. Vocally she is doing a great job! Off course the lighting is multi-multi-bright-coloured and as a ontrast both singer wearing contrasting black outfits. Illinca’s top has traditional jodelpatterns stiched on it. Sure qualifier although chemistry is not captured on camera yet!


A really classy performance by the three girls, looking like The Supremes, three in a row with black glittering dresses. Vocals are spotless. Lyrics projected on the back. Blossom trees and someone walking to the light (dying) and hands holding and letting go. Blue and purple lights, many close ups while the lead vocal changes from sister to sister. At the last chorus the three stand in front of each other singing (like the Common Linnets + 1). last phrase of ourse like the opening shot all three in a row in the dark with spotlights… and shadows. The girls can break the girlgroupcurse.


Orange and yellow colouring. Violin player on the small stage. Black leather jacket matches the white dress with multicoloured shawl of the dancer. Lights switch to blue during the rap, then into red for the final part. Drums are on stage but not used. Pápai does not really connect with the camera as for his singing his is looking a bit up and concentrated. He should change that. During the second instrumental part, Joci dances with the girl dressed in white. Tension builds up throughout the performance. Vocals were good, the rap is a bit aggressive and might work against him.


The Barbara Dex award goes to Anja Nissen? Outfit is orange/pink/mint. Almost like a bathing suit. In a setting with lots of golden lightbeams she performs her song. Vocally it’s good, even when she is kneeling to the floor while singing (Little mermaid reference? Or is she laying down her armour?). According to Danish press it’s very likely the dress Anja wore will be the same like during the semi final. Expert juries might give her points for her singing, but whether the televote will pick Denmark up remains a question.


Murray is standing in a airballoon basket during a nightflight. Probably the ballon leaks helium as he’s sqeeking his song. He has difficulties keeping the notes strong en long notes. The major part of the song his song is too soft. The backdrops are beautiful landscapes and clouds. The balloon though is to small to get of the ground. The windmachine is a good asset in here, it gives some suggestion of action as the arm movements of Brendan lacks conviction as if they are only in Brendan’s head instead of his muscle memory.