Kiev 2017: All rehearsals Day 4

In this article you can find in-depth analysis of the rehearsals of the fourth day of the Eurovision Song Contest 2017, from San Marino to Israel. If you want live updates of everything going on at the press center, please follow our Live-Blog with all the other news as well!

The remaining nine countries from the second semi final take the stage of the International Exhibition Center for the first time. The day starts with the fourth attempt from Valentina for San Marino and ends with IMRI from Israel.


Please note that these are the local times in Ukraine, which are CET+1


Fresh looking stagement, with colours purple,¬†orange and yellow. Jimmy & Valentina dressed in mid life crisis black leather. Monetta has her hair dyed in yellow like Cyndi Lauper (“Girls just wanna have fun”) and a leather cap. Very retro graphics matching the song. Both sing very well and have good chemistry on camera.


Jacques gets a full frontal face close-up when he’s doing his parlando intro after we’ve seen the violin player. Wearing glasses and a long black jacket and sneakers he is standing in a pictured field of sunflowers in a beautiful landscape. Houdek at least does not lack confidence. He shouldn’t when it comes to his voice as both ways of singing are perfectly in pitch, so no comment to that. The whole presentation in not really inviting to become friends with Jacques though. On stage we have a chamber orkestra with black violins and cello. Everything is very cheesy, including rainbows and pyrotechnics waterfall (like Denmark). Croatia goes over the top.


Hardly any changes compared to the nation final staging. Pink/purple colouring and Aleksandr wears his balck head and white T-shirt. Vocals are good, and they use sampled voices, so voices on tape. Masks of the DJ and drummer are very Daft Punk. The song ends quite abrupt. but overall the act has a very modern feel and hip ambience.


At least Swiss is not in blue but in soft pink and bright yellow. The singer standing on a staircase with an canarybird yellow dress and long black curly hair. The guys sitting behind a soft pink coloured piano. The biggest problem for Switzerland remains the song, which is quite generic. Staging does not take anything away from that and the total picture is in danger of becoming static and boring. Vocals were quite okay.


The singers are standing on a white boat with two fans (windmachine). Artem swirls around Ksenia, she’s standing behind a standing microphone. In the background pictures of clouds and buildings, Offcourse the whole settings black and blue with white dresses with references to traditional clothing. Vocals were good as solo’s, although the harmonies are not completely balanced yet. Both are quite energetic.


Justin Bieber look, perfect black outfit, nice (beautiful mess) hairdo, classy looking stage (dark blue, grey and black) and rain and lightning in the backdrops. Good vocals, combined with good close-ups and a chandelier. Everything looks very well prepared and Kristian comes across like a very experienced. Visuals in the camera, not on stage following his arm movements. Nice harmony with the backing vocals.


Pyrotechnics in the backdrops save money and look the same. Vocals are very soulful and even good, but also very harsh and agressive. So are the looks of the singer. She’s dressed in red. The lighting and visuals are almost simular as to the Lithuanian national final. Very much red light and some yellow circular saw accents. Fits the aggressive vocals and looks.


Estonia shows a very simular setting like ‘Goodbye to yesterday’, all black and white. Koit wearing a pretty oldfashioned grey suit, doesn’t smile at all during his performance. Laura does, and she wears a very gently decorated white gown. Nothing wrong with the vocals, but between the two of them there is no chemistry at all. Awkward camera shots of the non-singing-Koit looking in the camera while we hear Laura. Last three runthroughs Koit wears a black leather jacket.


Imri sings very weakly. In a black tanktop showing of his muscled arms he moves around without conviction. Lighting is black and white red and green accents are added. The five dansers that join him on stage don’t add to the party. There is actually no party, it looks all a bit forced to smile and sing at the same time. Needs improvement as for now it has written Ryan Dolan all over.