Kiev 2017: All rehearsals Day 7

In this article you can find in-depth analysis of the rehearsals of today from the remaining countries in the second semi final. If you want live updates of everything going on at the press center, please follow our Live-Blog with all the other news as well!

The girls from OG3NE for The Netherlands are in the IEC hall as the first ones, the day ends about six hours later with Israel.

For some of the videos below we utilised the rehearsal footage from our friends and colleagues of in partnership with


Please note that these are the local times in Ukraine, which are CET+1


OG3NE open today’s show with a whole new background visuals that better represent the performance. The girls wear the same black, glitter dresses and add a much needed bit of choreography into the walk. Specific lyrics are still shown and vocally flawless as always. Definitely a dark horse for the year.


Pápai Joci is next up for Hungary. Violinist utilised after first chorus who provides a cut-away from the chemistry created between Joci and the female dancer. Overall feels authentic and impactful as a performance. Vocals deliver especially during Joci’s rap segment. Visuals aid the cultured message located in Origo.


Anja Nissen has changed back to a red dress which overall fits the song more-so than the previously worn multicoloured bodysuit. Vocals were strong as always however small technical issues with the backing singers being off-key. Performance utilises red light which compliments Anja however may need minor adjustments to camera angles to further help it’s chances in connecting with the audience.


Brendan Murray wears a stylish, white shirt however for this type of song he should try to look more mature as currently he looks like he has just came out of school. Red hot air balloon remains a central prop in a spiral red and yellow alongside the monochrome landscape visuals. Vocals did sound better than in the previous rehearsal however overall staging doesn’t seem to match well.


Valentina is wearing a black tracksuit with a white stripe down the trousers with a black baseball cap to match while Jimmie wears a shiny, black blazer and spandex trousers. Vocals were well delivered, staging remains colourful showcase of lights however with the monochrome colours of Valentina and Jimmie, it does provide conflict.


Jacques is back wearing a suit with one side having silver necklaces and embellishments perhaps referencing the split personality-aspect of this solo duet. Visuals remain of two separate Jaques that now he looks into until the first chorus. Afterwards visuals return to castle landscape with sunflowers growing during final chorus. Vocals are superb alongside the use of three backing singers and the cellist and violinist. Performance ends with a pan to the violinist as he plays the final note.


JOWST is on-stage and on-screen the split face video transitions have been added like in their national final. DJs standing on small podiums and perform on drum-pads and synthesiser respectively with the end one of them beats a large drum during the final. Some glitches to the video stream have arose. Vocals haven’t been stronger and overall looking very slick.


Apollo is on and similar to the previous rehearsal, the lead singer is wearing the yellow dress on the yellow podium. Remaining band members are on lilac podiums along with the grand piano being in lilac. Performance utilises many close-ups of the lead singer however her hair doesn’t compliment her beauty currently. Vocals sound decent but improvement is needed.


Naviband return with the white boat. They match the style of the boat by dressing in white while also having the guitar. Camera shots are fast-paced due to the high energy of the track. Vocally sounds very good and still features Winter-cityscape background. They circle each other during the bridge and perform ad-lib generating some interesting, freshness to the song.


Kristian wears the black official outfit with the handgloves. Dark but simple background that turns into a rain backdrop. Main feature you’ll see on TV is the use of silver squiggles that are utilised during key points in the performance slightly similar to Russia last year in which Sergey tried to move to the projected image. Vocals are one of the strongest especially considering his young age. Some rough yet fast juxtaposition shots that add tension rather than appear sloppy/shaken camera.


Fusedmarc is wearing the same outfit as in national final. Four backing dancers in black along with a male guitarist. Vocals were OK, better than previously heard slightly. Catherdral wheel flies past after the bridge as a background visual. Mixed range of shot sizes from wide pan to close up.


Very similar to national final with Laura sounding near-perfect today apart from the high note which she couldn’t reach. Wearing the same white dress and black suit on Laura and Koit respectively. Koit walks out onto the stage and for the first half they are separated from the camera. Holograms of Laura now re-used. Koit does his smoulder-look once again during multiple cutaways. At the end they go towards each other and Koit holds onto Laura’s hair however it looks incredible uncomfortable for both artists.


Finishing today’s rehearsals is Imri Ziv who is wearing the same vest while his backing dancers dress some in white and some in black. Vocals have improved but not by much. There is more energy on-stage now while visuals consist of a generic red and black design until a black-and-white Imri appears and breaks apart for the final hook. Strong choreography that helps keep it Israeli.