Kjetil Mørland comes back to MGP in Norway

Norwegian broadcaster NRK has released the ten artists and songs that will take part in MGP 2019 on the 2nd of March. Kjetil Mørland is the most notable name in the field, as he took part at the Eurovision Song Contest in 2015.

Among the composers are also some former Eurovision artists, such as Aleksander Walmann (2017) and Sennek (Belgium, 2018). The final in Norway will be held in Spektrum in Oslo, as was the case in previous years as well. All songs can be found here.

The lucky 10 in Norway for 2019:

DSound – Mr. Unicorn (Kim Ofstad, Jonny Sjo, Mirjam Omdal, Magnus Martinsen, Tormod Martinsen)
Chris Medina – We Try (Chris Medina, Jason Gill, Tormod Løkling, Julimar Santos)
Carina Dahl – Hold Me Down (Ashley Hicklin, Jeroen Swinnen, Pele Loriano, Laurell Barker, Laura Groeseneken)
Anna-Lisa Kumoji -Holla! (Ashley Hicklin, Jeroen Swinnen, Maria Broberg)
Erlend Bratland -Sing for you (Erlend Bratland, Arvid Solvang, Nils Egil Brandsæter)
Adrian Jørgensen – The bubble (Jonas McDonnell, Aleksander Walmann, Kjetil Mørland)
KEiiNO – Spirit in the sky (Tom Hugo, Fred Buljo, Alexandra Rotan, Henrik tala, Alex Olsson)
Kjetil Mørland – En livredd mann (Kjetil Mørland)
Ingrid Berg Mehus – Feel (Ingrid Berg Mehus, Bjørnar Hopland, Anthony Modebe)