Lake Malawi sings ‘Friend of a friend’ for the Czech Republic

The indie pop band Lake Malawi will represent the Czech Republic at the Eurovision Song Contest 2019 in Tel Aviv. They will perform the song ‘Friend of a friend’ for the central European nation.

Broadcaster CT announced the winner of their intern preselection. An international jury determined 50% of the result. Jury members included Ira Losco and Alma, and several other former Eurovision participants. Viewers all around the globe got the chance to vote in the Eurovision-app for their favourite, to determine the other 50% of the vote.

Lake Malawi was the favourite of the international jury. They finished in second place in the app vote, but altogether it was enough to win the ticket.

Mikolas Josef

Last year the Cezchs reached the final of the contest for the second time in history. Mikolas Josef ended up in 6th place, making ‘Lie to me’ their best scoring entry to date.