Madame Monsieur wins and joins Malo’ in French Destination Eurovision final

After the second semi final of Destination Eurovision, Madame Monsieur, Max Cinnamon, Nassi and Igit have placed for the grand final of next week. They will join the Australian singer-songwriter Malo’, who qualified for the final battle for the French ticket to the Eurovision Song Contest in semi final 1.

The second semi final in France gave us a diverse palet of songs, acts and performances. We are in for a tight and exciting final next week. At the end of the evening, which you can read back in our live-blog, we had these four qualifiers:

Madame Monsieur – Mercy, Max Cinnamon – Ailleur, Nassi – Rêve de gamin, Igit – Lisboa Jérusalem

They will join the previous four qualifiers: Lisandro Cuxi – Eva, Malo’ – Ciao, Emmy Liyana – OK ou KO, Louka – Mamma mia.

Madame Monsieur wins the show

Madame Monsieur won the show, but the points were rather evenly divided. After Christer Björkman gave his points, only Lucie Vagenheim still had 0 points. The winning score was 10 points lower than the score with which Lisandro Cuxi won last week.

Madame Monsieur and the song ‘Mercy’ was well received online and the expectations were high before this second semi final of Destination Eurovision. And she did deliver tonight. The song ‘Mercy’ is a nice piece of electropop. The jury complimented the lyrics of the song and stated that this has the chance to win it all next week.

Can Malo’ be the second Australian at Eurovision 2018?

Last week, Malo’ has qualified for the Grand Final of Destination Eurovision. The Australian singer-songwriter finished in third place during the first semi final with his song “Ciao”. Lisandro Cuxi won the show, so it is safe to say that Malo’ is not the hot favourite beforehand. But who knows what will happen next week…