Latvia sends Edgars Kreilis through after weak start of Supernova

Edgars Kreilis has won the first heat of Supernova in Latvia. In a rather mediocre first show, the youngster gave a solid performance of his modern pop song “Younger Days”. This was enough to sail into the next round.

In Latvian press, Kreilis has been labelled as “new kid on the block” and “Markus Riva’s biggest challenger”. Riva has been trying to take part at the Eurovision Song Contest on behalf of Latvia for a couple of years already.

The song “Younger Days” makes impact, because it covers a serious topic. The influence that fighting parents have on the well-being of their children.

Results of heat 1 of Supernova 2018 in Latvia

Besides Edgars Kreilis, the other qualifier from the first heat was Liene Greifane with the song “Walk The Talk”.

Katrina Gupalo & The Black Birds “Intoxicating caramel”
Rahu the Fool “Oh, longriver”
DVINES “More than meets the eye”
Agnese Stengrevics “You are my world”
Sudden Lights “Just fine”
Edgars Kreilis “Younger days”
Liene Greifane “Walk the talk”

The next two weeks, we will see another two semi finals, before we have the grand final of Supernova on the 24th of February.