Lena: “My goal is not to be last”

“My goal while defending the title is not to be last – and I hope I’ll somehow manage that,” Lena Meyer-Landrut told the German paper the Stuttgarter Nachrichten.

After winning last year, NDR quickly decided that Lena should defend her new Eurovision title the following year in her home country. However, Lena realises that chances of a repeat victory are very small. She conceded that her main goal was to finish in a respectable place and avoid last place.

“The show is named ‘Our Song for Germany’ and not ‘Our Lena for Germany’ for a good reason,” Lena told the German paper. “The music is what’s important, not me.”

Lena will release her new album “Good News” on February 8th which will contain all 12 candidate songs for Germany this year.

The German National Final will be held on the 18th of February.