Listen to Cyprus’ song ‘Fuego’

The song ‘Fuego’ by Eleni Foureira has been released. You can check out the song from Cyprus at the Eurovision Song Contest 2018 here!

National broadcaster CyBC announced in September 2017 that they would collaborate with the Greek Swedish composer Alex Papaconstantinou for the composition of the Cypriot entry. Later Eleni Foureira was chosen to sing that song, called ‘Fuego’.

Cyprus at the Eurovision Song Contest

Prior to the 2017 contest, Cyprus had participated in the Eurovision Song Contest thirty-three times since their debut in 1981. The nation’s highest placing in the contest was fifth, which they achieved three times: in 1982 with the song “Mono I Agapi” performed by Anna Vissi, in 1997 with “Mana Mou” performed by Hara and Andreas Constantinou, and 2004 with “Stronger Every Minute” performed by Lisa Andreas.

Following the introduction of semi-finals for the 2004 contest, Cyprus had featured in six finals. In 2017, Hovig managed to qualify to the final in Kiev, with the song “Gravity, finishing 21st with 68 points.

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