Lithuania: New selection method for Stockholm

Lithuanian broadcaster LRT has announced their selection rules for the Eurovision Song Contest 2016. They will change their selection method slightly, but will stick to a long process, just like the last couple of years.

The Lithuanian selection is open for a) artists without songs; b) artists with songs; c) composers with songs to offer. This means that artists that already have a song ready would keep their song throughout the contest, whilst artists without songs will be paired with the composers to compete.

After a couple of heats, the five best acts of each group (artists with and without songs) will advance to the the semi finals. Five acts of this semi final will make it to the national final, where the winner will be selected by the jury and televote. In case of a tie, the jury’s vote is preferred.

Applications can be submitted via e-mail until the 1st of December. But beware, unless you are Lithuanian citizen, you cannot apply as a performer.