Lithuania: ‘At first, I didn’t really like the song’

When Monika Linkytė, the female half of the duo representing Lithuania this year, first heard the song ‘This Time’, she didn’t really like it. That’s what she told ESC Daily reporters, as we caught up with her and her vocal partner Vaidas Baumila in Amsterdam. 

‘Okay, we’re gonna talk about that later, at the hotel!’ her counterpart Vaidas jokingly responds. ‘But now I think that it’s a good song!’ Monika quickly adds. ESC Daily spoke to the duo about their long run in the Lithuanian preselection, who came up with the kiss in their act, and what they think about the performance of their neighbours, Estonia.

‘We thought maybe we were gonna be the only duet in the competition, but look what happened’, Baumila tells us. ‘But that’s good, because the variety of the show is expanding’. The two artists had never sung together before, but had been keeping track of each other for quite some time. ‘I always followed Monika’s career, and know her vocal abilities. I knew that she’s doing good, and she’s a great performer.’

Check out the complete interview with them below: