Lithuania: Aistė Pilvelytė qualifies after small fourth heat

2016-finalist Aistė Pilvelytė is still in the running for another successful campaign in Lithuania. With her song ‘I’m like a wolf’ she easily qualified for the next phase of Eurovizijos, which will start next week.

The fourth heat in Lithuania was a rather small one, when compared to the previous three shows. Earlier this week, two acts were scrapped from the list, leaving just 11 remaining acts, fighting for six spots in the second round of Eurovizijos.

Aistė Pilvelytė rose to fame in Eurovizijos last year, where she won almost every heat in which she took part, until Donny Montell and others beat her in the final stages of the contest. Now she is back and immediately won her first heat again. All acts of this Saturday night are listed below, with the qualifiers marked in bold.

Alanas Chosnau – “7 Days”
Valerija Iljinaite – “You made me glow”
Vlad Max – “I’ll Never Let You Down”
Queens of Roses – “Fisherman”
Evaldas Vaikasas – “Fire kisses”
Elvina Milkauskaite – “Try”
Aiste Pilvelyte – “I’m like a wolf”
Julija Jegorova – “Higher”
Audrius Janonis – “Run”
Shiny Raia – “All you”
Neringa Siaudikyte – “Running out of time”

Starting next week, the best 24 acts so far will return to the stage. In the upcoming two weeks, the field will be narrowed down once again, as the final stage of Eurovizijos is coming closer.