Lithuania: Read back our blog of the Eurovizijos final

This Saturday night, Lithuania are holding their national final. Last year, Donny Montell won Eurovizijos with his song ‘I’ve Been Waiting For This Night’. Who will win the right to fly the flag for Lithuania in Kiev? 

The biggest name left in the 2017 line up is Aiste Pilvelyte. Her song, ‘I’m Like A Wolf’ has been produced, written and composted by the 2015 singer for Latvia, Aminata. Fusedmarc is the top qualifier going into this final. They scored the maximum number of points on offer, 24. Aiste Pilvelyte stayed behind with 16 points.

Gytis Ivanauskas, won the wildcard vote, and because of that, she takes the last spot in the final. The winner will be chosen by a combination of Lithuanian and International jury voting and televoting.

The show will start at 20:00 CET, and will be live on You can follow all the action with our editor Sadie Trent. The most recent comment will appear at the top.

Please note the show is now over. You can read back over the blog below.

Act name and song Jury score Televote score Total score Overall placing
Fusedmarc – Rain of Revolution 12 12 24 1
Aistė Pilvelytė – I’m Like A Wolf 10 10 20 2
Kotryna Juodzevičiūtė – Love Shadow 8 7 15 3
Gabrielius Vagelis – Feel Myself Free 6 4 10 5
Greta Zazza – Like I Love You 5 5 10 6
Gytis Ivanauskas (Lolita Zero) – Get Frighten 7 8 15 4
Paula – Let U Go 4 6 10 7

 In-depth results

Artist and song Lithuanian & International jury Jury score Televote result Televote score Total score
Fusedmarc – Rain of Revolution 72 12 15324 12 24
Aistė Pilvelytė – I’m Like A Wolf 52 8 14438 10 18
Kotryna Juodzevičiūtė – Love Shadow 69 10 4309 7 17
Gabrielius Vagelis – Feel Myself Free 49 7 2223 4 11
Greta Zazza – Like I Love You 46 8 3225 5 11
Gytis Ivanauskas (Lolita Zero) – Get Frighten 30 4 5356 8 12
Paula – Let U Go 44 5 4240 6 11


21:46 CET – Winner announced

And the winner is…FUSEDMARC with maximum score of 24 across the televotes and jury

21:45 CET – Final televote scores

The final televote scores are as follows:

  1. Fusedmarc – 15324 – 12 points
  2. Aistė Pilvelytė – 14438 – 10 points
  3. Gytis Ivanauskas – 5356 – 8 points
  4. Kotryna Juodzevičiūtė – 4309 – 7 points
  5. Paula – 4240 – 6 points
  6. Greta Zazza – 3225 – 5 points
  7. Gabrielius Vagelis – 2223 – 4 points

21:25 CET – International interval act

Chloe Maggs from Australia, who has performed with the likes of Guy Sebastian and Jessica Mauboy, is singing Sticking Stickwityou by the Pussycat Dolls. Another international interval act is this years act from Moldova

22:20 CET – Recap of this years entries

A run down of the entries selected already this year, with a special welcome message from Jamala.

22:06 CET – Interval act

An interval act for tonight is someone called Lauris Reiniks. He has tried many times to represent Lithuania at Eurovision. He was in the trip F.L.Y that was created especially to represent Latvia at their home contest in 2003. Their song was called ‘Hello from Mars;. They finished as low as 24th, which is the lowest placing to date for a host nation.

21:40 CET – Kotryna Juodzevičiūtė – Love Shadow

Kotryna looks lovely in white. She is moving around the stage a lot which signals to me she will be comfortable on a big stage like the one in Kiev. Another modern song, but the vocals at the start need a bit of work. If this song was mainstream, again I think it would do well. Excellent use of the wall graphics, lighting and floor graphics, this makes the package complete, but I do not think this would do well at Eurovision, doesn’t seem like it would qualify against some of the stronger songs that are already there.

21:33 CET – Gytis Ivanauskas (Lolita Zero) – Get Frighten

Maybe this is the sort of act you would pay to see at a pride event. Very OTT. Odd mix of vocals, as if a man was trying to sing as a woman. However it is very upbeat, and the costume is wild. V gold cape, and the Gytis is wearing what seems to be a catsuit underneath, complete with a set of devils horns. This is not something that would be suited to Euruovision, maybe something better suited to a pride event. I like it, but it is a bit odd for me, I need a couple of listens to get used to it.

21:33 CET – All change on the televote leader board

The voting has changed dramatically, the scores as they currently stand are”

  1. Fusedmarc – 6780
  2. Aistė Pilvelytė – 6714
  3. Paula – 2885
  4. Gytis Ivanauskas – 2061
  5.  Greta Zazza – 2048
  6. Gabrielius Vagelis – 1639
  7. Kotryna Juodzevičiūtė – 877

21:19 CET – Aistė Pilvelytė – I’m Like A Wolf

Excellent and strong vocals from Aistė. I love how her style is unique. I think she should be one of the contenders. A very up tempo song, if performed right, would do very well at Eurovision. The camera angles and graphics definitely added something and made the entire package complete. One of my favourites for tonight I think.

21:06 CET – Fusedmarc – Rain Of Revolution

Excellent use of the floor graphics in combination with the camera movements, even if I did feel a little dizzy after that shot. The lead singer of the band looks amazing dressed in red. She is doing extremely well to reach the high notes without wobbling. The lead singer is getting praise from all the jury members who the presenters are speaking to after the performance.

21:01 CET – Greta Zazza – Like I Love You

Some really funky beats, which Greta is trying to hard to sing with, and when the beats go back to normal, she can reach the high notes well. Greta looks very nice in an all red number. Quite an uptempo jazz style song, but I don’t think this would do well at Eurovision.

20:55 CET – Live Televote scores

The live Televote scores in order are as follows (please note these scores are live, and are changing by the second):

  1. Paula – 1632
  2. Aistė Pilvelytė – 948
  3. Gabrielius Vagelis – 904
  4. Gytis Ivanauskas – 818
  5. Fusedmarc – 794
  6. Greta Zazza – 446
  7. Kotryna Juodzevičiūtė – 471

20:47 CET – Gabrielius Vagelis – Feel Myself Free

Great vocals for this ballad. The singing Gabrielius has done at the city opera is noticable. The ballad has a few beats in it which makes it different and dramatic, which is what I really enjoy about this song. He is dressed in a specially tailored red and black military style jacket, black trousers and shoes, which makes him look really smart and completes his look really well. There was not much graphics for this song, which is ideal, because I really liek the simplicity.

20:40 CET – Paula – Let U Go

I like this modern song from Lithuania. Very strong vocals from Paula. Another strong that if it were mainstream I think it would do well. Some great quirky beats, but she needs to utilise her voice against those more. Dressed in an all back outfit complete with Black hotpants and fill length black boots, the outfit doesnt work. The graphics match the song well. I think this song would work well if it was also sung by Ace Wilder, as it seems to be her type of song. Great start to the show.

20:32 CET – Running order

The correct running order for tonight is as follows:

  1. Paula
  2. Gabrielius Vagelis
  3. Greta Zazza
  4. Fusedmarc
  5. Aistė Pilvelytė
  6. Gytis Ivanauskas
  7. Kotryna Juodzevičiūtė

20:24 CET – Johnny Blue

A true classic from a Lithuanian singer, Lena Valaitis, who represented Germany in 1981.

20:21 CET – Lithuanian jury members announced

The Lithuanian jury members are announced, among them is the 2012 and 2016 entry to Eurovision, Donny Montell.

20:14 CET – Donny Montell performs new single and his Eurovision song

He comes back to the show he won last year with his new single ‘Screw Me Up’. I really like this modern pop song, and his vocals have improved dramatically. If he were to be a mainstream artist, this song would do really well in something like the UK top 40 or the itunes chart. He performed his new single in a mash up with I’ve Been Waiting For This Night.

20:10 CET – Introduction to the show

A dance introduction to the show. Dancers with what look like to be lightsabers attached to backpacks, and people in white, so unsure of what what the story is they are trying to portray here.

20:00 CET – Show begins

It is nice to see Lithuania making an effort with their staging, may not be big, but it certainly shows they are trying, and that is nice to see. A VT with a speech from the president of Lithuania Dalia Grybauskaitė. A singer singing with a choir. Shame Eurovision rules state maximum number of people on stage is 6, if those rules were abolished this singer, backed with the choir would do amazingly well.

19: 50 CET – Acts in the final show

The acts in the final show and their songs are as follows:

  1. Paula – Let U Go
  2. Aistė Pilvelytė – I’m Like A Wolf
  3. Kotryna Juodzevičiūtė – Love Shadow
  4. Fusedmarc – Rain Of Revolution
  5. Gabrielius Vagelis – Feel Myself Free
  6. Greta Zazza – Like I Love You
  7. Gytis Ivanauskas (Lolita Zero) – Get Frighten