Lithuanian Monika Liu wants to connect to viewers at home through her eyes

Monika Liu takes the stage at Eurovision 2022 on behalf of Lithuania and is an artist that loves to interact with the crowd in the venue. However, at Eurovision it is more important to connect to the viewers at home. She wants to connect with with them by using her eyes and the camera a lot, she tells ESC Daily.

“I am gonna use my eyes. That is the only portal that I can work on,” Monika explains. “Because I really love to look people in the eyes when I perform, also at other venues. I feel that connection because I am singing only for them, not for myself.”

Check out the conversation at Lithuania’s Eurovision 2022 press conference:

Monika Liu acknowledge that taking part at Eurovision is something else than a private concert in a hall or theatre. “Now I am gonna have to visualize all of them. My family, my friends and all other people. I am gonna connect to them through my eyes.”