Armenia: Read back our liveblog of the final of Depi Evratesil

Armenia is about to decide who will be their representative for Kiev through the final of Depi Evratesil. In the last three months, 80 artists have been narrowed down to a final field of two contestants: Marta and Artsvik.

The Grand Final of Depi Evratesil kicks off at 18:30 CET and can been seen via the following livestream.

ESC Daily will liveblog the final show in Armenia, where the artist will be chosen for the Eurovision Song Contest 2017. The song for the winning artist will not be announced tonight. Our editor Ani Shahayan is in Armenia will give you updates of the show below, with her latest comments that will appear on top as you refresh this page:


19: 59 – Congratulations Artsvik!!!
We are very happy for Artsvik and for all those who supported her! Indeed Marta performed her best too. Thank you everyone for following us on ESCDaily!

19:57- Artsvik is the winner of Depi Evratesil and heads TO EUROVISION!!!

Marta  gets a total of  29 % and Artsvik gets 71%  and wins the contest! The winner finds it difficult to speak as she is very happy and emotional now.

19:55 –SMS results:

10% gets Marta

40% gets Artsvik

19:50 – Professional jury results:

This week professional jury consists of seven experts of Armenian Diaspora!

19% gets Marta

31% gets Artsvik

19:47- Duo time for Artsvik and Marta!

The two competitors are singing together “When you believe” of Mariah Carey and  Whitney Houston. The hall is screaming “Artsvik” showing their support for her.

19:40- Iveta performs her new song “AMENA” ! Enjoy it here:

19:35- Time for LoveWave!

Iveta Mukuchyan who represented Armenia in Stockholm takes the stage with her Eurovision song “LoveWave”.

19: 32 Count down for the end of the voting!

Voting is over in Armenia. Very shortly it will be revealed who heads to Kiev- Artsvik or Marta?

19:30- Happy birthday  Anush Arshakyan!

Gohar says that today Anush has her birthday and everybody congratulates her.

19:25 – Host Gohar Gasparyan talks to Hovig

Hovig is the first time in Armenia. Hovig adds that being of Armenian descent he is honored to be in Armenia and says that he likes both Artsvik and Marta. Whoever wins he wishes Good Luck and adds that there will be no competition between Armenia and Cyprus but the countries will only support each other.

19:20- Time to represent Hovig from Cyprus

Hovig is the Cypriot representative for Kiev and tonight he is a special guest in Armenia. Hovhannes Demirjian  or just Hovig was born in an Armenian family in Cyprus and speaks Armenian fluently. Now he takes the stage singing several songs as well as  a song in a fluent Armenian.

19:10 –Artsvik performs Inga & Anush song “Aprelu April”

Before Artsvik is getting ready to sing for the second time it’s time for her coach Essai to tell about their  preparations.  Afterwards, Artsvik takes the stage and sings “Aprelu April”- a song by Inga & Anush,  which for the first time has been premiered in 2015 April, that was an historical month for Armenian nation.  Atrsvik has black outfit and delivers the song in a very beautiful and emotional way.

19:05 –Marta performs Armenian song “Tsov”

Marta is on the stage for the second time. She performs Armenian song “Tsov” appearing in a black long dress with a beautiful bun hairstyle.

19:00 Marta and Artsvik now are to perform an Armenian hit. 

Meanwhile Marta is getting ready for her second entry, her coach Anush speaks about her expectations concerning to Marta.

18:52- Artsvik to sing Whitney Houston

Like Marta, Artsvik also speaks about her participation at Depi Evratesil and the experience she had within the past three months. Afterwards, Artsvik comes on stage all alone, all in black, and performs “I have Nothing” by Whitney Houston.

18:45- Marta to sing the first

After a short talk about her experience in the contest, Marta takes the stage singing Rihanna’s ‘Please don’t stop the music’. From the half of the song she switches to Rihanna’s “Only girl in the word”. She has a support of a few dancers and in her outfit  black color is prevailing.

18:40- Host of the contest – Gohar Gasparyan!
Like in previous episodes Gohar Gasparyan is hosting the show! Gohar is a a famous host in Armenia as well as she is the Armenian Head of Delagation! She reminds the voting rules  and mentions that all the income of the voting will go to charity.

18:35 –Remix of all Armenian entries!

Grand final in Armenia kicks off with a dance ceremony to the remix version of all previous Armenian entries.

18:30 – Voting is now open
Welcome to our liveblog! People can cast their vote now, as we have officially begun the final of this Armenian preselection for 2017!