Live: Armenia Song Premiere

Tonight the Armenian national broadcaster will premiere the song which will be performed by Aram MP3 at Eurovision 2014 in Denmark. Aram MP3 was internally selected by AMPTV on the 31st of December, now two and a half months later, it is finally time to hear the song that he will sing for the first time.

A special broadcast tonight on Armenia’s First Channel will introduce Aram MP3 as the representative for Copenhagen and include the first broadcast of the song he will sing in Copenhagen. All details surrounding the song have been kept secret, including the title of the song, which is yet to be revealed. Tonight’s special broadcast will feature not only the presentation of the Armenian entry for Eurovision 2014, but also performances from previous Armenian Eurovision representatives including Hayko, Eva Rivas, Andre, Emmy and fan favourite Sirusho. Junior Eurovision participants from Armenia will also be present to support this year’s Armenian representative.

The broadcast will go out live on Armenia’s First Channel at 1900CET, you can watch the broadcast live here and as always we’ll be updating our blog live with all of the action from tonight’s Armenian Eurovision special so be sure to check back here at at 1900CET.

The show begins! –
The show is opening with a performance from last year’s Armenian representative Dorians with the song Lonely Planet. For a small show, it’s quite a big stage that the Armenian broadcaster have put together. Gohar Gasparyan is our host, and she introduces our act, Aram MP3, giving a brief history of his career and artistry to date: introducing us to his family and giving us a backstory about his childhood and his career as a comedian before taking it further into the music industry. Our next musical guest is Armenia’s 2007 Eurovision representative Hayko with the song Take Me Back. We’re then swiftly introduced to our next Armenian Eurovision representative and it’s 2011’s Emmy! She’s changed so much since 2011, performing an Armenian ballad, she’s now blonde, and her vocals are much improved from what they were in Dusseldorf.

There are now more features including interviews and performances from Aram MP3 about his Eurovision participation and career so far. He performs a cover version of last year’s winning song Only Teardrops. And next to perform is the fans favourite act from 2008, Sirusho, she’s also performing a ballad in Armenian: it’s very beautiful. There have been plenty of guest performers tonight who have previously represented Armenia in Eurovision and next is Andre. Andre was the first ever Eurovision participant to represent Armenia in 2006 with the song Without Your Love. Tonight, he is following suit like Sirusho and Emmy and performing an Armenian ballad. The final guest performer is 2010’s Eva Rivas, who is also performing a ballad in Armenian, an evening of ballads so far it would seem!

The song: Not Alone –
Not Alone is the name of the song that will represent Armenia in Eurovision 2014 and it’s a ballad! Powerful and orchestral, it also has modern and dubstep influences. It’s flashy, showy and emotionally charged. The video features a couple in two seperate cars who are then reunited whilst Aram MP3 performs in front of a row of flashing lights. There is rain, wind and smoke, everything typically expected in a music video for a power ballad. The song starts softly and gathers momentum and grows into a huge emotionally charged climax, very unexpected! Aram is typically known for his jazzy, dance and uptempo performances, so an emotional and slow song is quite a surprise.

Thank you so much for sticking with the liveblog from ESCDaily tonight, and as always, we want to hear your thoughts on the Armenian representative! Good choice? Are you surprised by the genre of the song? All of your comments are always welcome.

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