JESC2016: Liveblog of Day 5 in Valletta

The last day of country rehearsals has arrived, with Australia taking the stage first, with eight more countries to follow. ESC Daily is at the Mediterranean Conference Center to follow everything live for you.

In the following blog, you can find the latest JESC news from Valletta with the newest update appearing on top. For in-depth rehearsal coverage, check our rehearsal blog. UPDATE: This liveblog has been closed for today, but you can read back everything what has happened.

17:03 – End of the liveblog

Do not forget to read back on all the rehearsals from today through THIS BLOG. You can find all the videos from today there, + commentary. Interviews and other items will follow later today, but for now we say: good evening!

16:50 – Ukraine in the press conference room

Unfortunately, Sofia does not speak English and everything has to go through a translator.

16:42 – End of rehearsals

We will close the liveblog soon, to make time for editing. We have a lot of material still on the shelfs to be produced later today and tomorrow! We surely hope you will keep following us. We still have loads to share with you.

16:35 – Fading away

Is this really the final camera work? Or do the Russians need more time to make it alright for tomorrow? Right now, the performance starts out strong but fades away.

16:27 – Zena did not want to be first

Zena Donnelly from Ireland originally wanted to be as late in the show as possible. But now that she knows she will start, she “would not change it even if I could.”

16:07 – Russia struggles

The colours and the visuals had been beautifully prepared – now is the time to improve the camera work. And while the first minute is being perfectioned, with a lovely first shot of the girls lying on the floor, filmed from above, the second minute remains rather flat.

16:03 – Last country rehearsal

Russia is the last country for today. Will be interesting to see how they improve the camerawork.

15:48 – Ukraine’s second rehearsal

15:37 – Camera work for Ukraine

Long technical debates before Ukraine’s first runthrough comes through. The delegation wants a different opening shot, featuring one of the interpretational dancers. The last shot is changed too. Both are close-ups which look good once PBS understands what the Ukranians want.

15:15 – Watch the Albanian rehearsal…

…by clicking on THIS LINK.

15:02 – Year of good vocals

Even Albania, who are on stage now, sings a lot better than could be expected on the basis of their national final performance.

14:53 – Exactly one hour

If you are still trying to follow the rehearsal schedule – add exactly one hour to everything and you should be fine.

14:29 – Steady Belarus

Staging for Belarus was already in order during the first rehearsal. In today’s first runthrough, we see the exact same images.

Watch the Belarussian rehearsal HERE!

14:14 – Watch Lidia Ganeva’s second rehearsal below

14:10 – Ugh ugh…

Lidia has to stop a runthrough because she is coughing a bit. Try again in another minute.

13:57 – Complete picture for Bulgaria

Lidia is wearing a fully white dress, the backdrop is rainbow colourful, with objects (angels? airplanes? flowers?) flying around. Vocals still strong. The picture is now complete, and this could do well.

13:52 – Right about now…

the funk soul brothers from the PBS-crew should call Bulgaria on stage for the next rehearsal.

13:29 – Bulgaria up next

First Bulgarian rehearsal was vocally impressive.

13:04 – Break is upon us

My guess is we are roughly 45 minutes behind, so we should continue well before 2PM.

12:52 – Georgian outfit remains a secret

Much like The Netherlands yesterday, Georgia will keep their official outfit a secret until this weekend. Malta as well decided to keep details about the choreography unknown until tomorrow. Read our article about Malta’s secrecy HERE!

Georgia Press conference JESC Junior 2016

12:41 – Video for Armenia

12:19 – Solo’s the weak point for Armenia

In the harmonies, Annahit and Mary sound alright. Solo’s not so much, but perhaps that has something to do with the illness Annahit was recovering from earlier this week. Dance routines look slick.

12:07 – Video for Georgia

Due to the Australian press conference being at the same time, we were unable to film the Georgian rehearsal. A video can however be found if you click HERE. Thanks to the guys from Wiwibloggs.


12:02 – We are delayed

It’s 12:00 and Armenia should have been done with their rehearsal by now, but instead, we are looking at another runthrough for Georgia. That’s more than half an hour delay. Audio issues during the Serbian rehearsal are believed to be the cause for this.

australia-second-rehearsal11:49 – “I can be very peculiar”

At the Australian press conference, Alexa Curtis and Head of Delegation Bryan Moses speak about their creative debates about the camera work for the performance. “I can be very peculiar, I am a perfectionist,” says Alexa. “We had our arguments, but we are still on speaking terms,” Moses smiles.

Full video will be up later today.

11:39 – Still no official outfit

Mariam is on stage for Georgia. She is wearing something different from Wednesday – but this is still not her official outfit.

11:20 – Extra time – but for what?

Serbia overruns its rehearsal time, but the question is: for what exactly? Nothing changes during the different runthroughs.

You can watch the video for the Serbian rehearsal HERE.

10:46 – Few changes for Serbia

Dunja is still alone on stage with the hoverboard. She ditches it for the final part of the song. Outfit is now extended with a glitter jacket.

10:41 – Australia’s first runthrough

Watch Alexa Curtis’ second rehearsal, first runthrough in the video below:

10:33 – “Running order still matters”

Even with a 100% jury vote, running order is important in determining the results. Steef van Gorkum says so in this morning’s episode of Daily Coffee. Read the full article HERE.

10:25 – Throat still hurts

During her second runthrough, Alexa does not sing live. Her throat does not allow her to go full-force today. Instead she focuses on getting the camera shots right. There is a new shot at the bridge, where Alexa is filmed from above, while the words “We Are” are projected in a circle around her on the floor of the stage.

10:14 – Dressing upalexa-second-rehearsal

And there she is for her first rehearsal! Alexa is wearing a shiny blue dress today. Pretty different from the casual t-shirt she wore two days ago.

10:01 – The stage is set for Australia

The lighting works, the first notes are there. Now all we need is Alexa.

09:51 – Australia kicks off

Welcome to the liveblog. This is the schedule for today: