Live: Beovizija finale in Belgrade

Tonight, second night of Beovizija (Serbian national competition for Eurosong) will be held in Belgrade. During, one and a half hour live show, three candidates, Aleksa Jelić, Bojana Stamenov and Danica Krstić will present their Eurosong songs.

One of them will be chosen by public and the jury. Once the show start, you will be able to read all updates from Beovizija, here at ESC Daily. Also, live stream from Belgrade is available at

22:19 –  Bojana Stamenov is going to Vienna!

Maja presented votes of audience and professional jury as following:  jury gave 1 point to Danica, 2 for Aleksa and three for Bojana. This is counted as 50% of votes. Audience voted as following: 1 point from audience went to Aleksa, two points went to Danica, and three points to Bojana.

22:14 – Girls from Beauty Queens  band are on stage. They are singing Zavet (The Wow), song they performed on Beovizija in 2009. Vladimir Grajić is composer of this one too.

22:04 – Andreja Demirović, representative of Montenegro in Eurosong, held in Moscow in 2009 is now on stage. She is performing song called Odlazim (I’m leaving), made by Saša Mirković.

21:58 – Girls from group Moje tri, representatives of Serbia on Eurosong in 2013 are performing Marija’s song Molitva in slightly different package. Readers might remember this girls, they performed song Ljubav je svuda (Love is everywhere) in Sweden.

21:54 – Saša Mirković, producer of Molitva is second guest for tonight. Right now, they are talking about elements needed for song to be considered as wining one. Saša is telling the story about 2007 and the wining of Marija Šerifović first on Beovizija and then in Eurosong competition.

21:49 – Voting is over. Maja and Vladimir are still talking about the songs, and Graja believes that whichever song of those three is chosen, it will be remembered in Vienna.

21:45 – First guest for tonight is Vladimir Grajić Graja, composer of all three songs we heard tonight. Graja was also composer of winning song Molitva, performed by Marija Šerifović in 2007.

21:44  – Maja is reminds us that there is five more minutes left to vote.

21:42 – Bojana Stamenov is bringing funk back to the audience, with her song, which can be described as mix of futuristic elements and sound of 90’s pop.

21:38 – Once more, Danica Krstić is taking the stage. With this performance she justified the rumors saying that she is favorite candidate for Vienna: she is definitely at top of the list.  And the song, very emotional and powerful and in some parts little aggressive and fast is for sure, next hit song on Balkans.

21:33 – Aleksa Jelić returns to the stage along with his dancers and the same performance as before.

21:30 – And the voting has began. While we’re waiting for the second round of performances, the short Vienna introduction is on. Serbian candidate for Eurosong will be chosen by public votes, but also by professional jury made by three members: Ivan Ilić, Nevena Božović and Goran Stankov.

21:25  – Third candidate is lovely Bojana Stamenov with the song Ceo svet je moj (The world is mine). Bojana, who is huge fan of funk music,  has very high voice, and she definitely brought some funk in this song. The performance was also very appealing, with dancers, covered in red.

21:22 – Very theatrical, very impressive Danica performed song Suze za kraj (Tears for the end). Followed by couple of dancers, Danica is singing very powerful and mild love song, but with very strong voice. Song has that recognizable touch, something similar to Molitva, song performed by Marija Šerifović, winner of Eurosong in 2007.

21:18 – Aleksa Jelić is on stage, performing the song Vodi me (Lead me).  Aleksa is well known dancer, but also posses great vocal abilities. The song he’s performing is joyful pop song, and kind of sounds like song for boy bend. Nevertheless, Aleksa filled stage with his dancing crew and left audience wanting for more.

21:15 – Maja is presenting schedule for tonight. Show is starring with Aleksa Jelić, Danica Krstić is second and Bojana Stamenov will perform third. They will have opportunity to present their songs twice.

21:10 – And the countdown for Vienna has started. At the beginning of the show, the lovely host, Maja Nikolić is taking us down to memory lane of previous Serbian Eurosong competitors, from Željko Joksimović, Marija Šerifović, Milan Stanković among many others great performers.