Read back: X-Factor Malta Grand Final

Welcome to the Live Blog of X-Factor Malta. I’m Sadie Trent, and I will be keeping you informed with minute by minute live updates from the X-Factor Malta Grand final. Whoever wins, as a result of winning, will earn the right to represent Malta at the Eurovision song Contest in Tel Aviv in May, and earn themselves a lucrative record deal with Sony Italy.

You can watch the show on TVM live. The Grand final is timetabled to start at 20:50 hours CET. All of the live comments will be in chronological order so the most recent comments will appear first.


23:13 CET: And the winner is….Michela Pace. Grazzi ħafna u il-lejl it-tajjeb.

23:11 CET: Dalton Harris just finished performing, and gave some wise words of advice for the 2 finalists no matter what may happen this evening.

23:07 CET: Dalton Harris, winner of the UK X-Factor now performing his winning song.

22:54 CET: Apologies for the technical difficulties on behalf of the team here and in Malta. We can now reveal that Michela and Owen are in the super sing off for a spot at Eurovision and a record contract with Sony Italy

22:27 CET: Now it is Michela, and the crowd are going wild for her. her voice again is excellent and on point and people are singing along with her which is great to see.

22:24 CET: Nicole singing again. Again, her deep and unique voice is doing well for her.

22:20 CET: Owen is rapping for a third time tonight, much to the delight of the crowd in Ta’Qali.

22:18 CET: Petra is first out

22:08 CET: Last to sing in this round it is Michela Pace and her guest, Maltese tenor sensation Joseph Calleja. They are singing in Maltese, which makes her the first contestant to sing in Maltese for the entire competition. The arena reaction speaks for itself.

22:02 CET: Now it is Nicole showing off her voice. She isn’t singing with her mentor, she is singing with Matthew James, who is a Maltese singer. Their voices, as with the others, are great with each other, and she gets a huge cheer from everyone.

21:51 CET: Owen is now singing with his mentor Ira Losco. They are singing Hey Now from her newest album No Sinner No Saint. Owen is putting his own spin on it, and ira is doing amazing to sing with him and his style, and the performance is excellent. Howard also looked pleased as he helped to writ and produce this track on the album.

21:48 CET: Now Petra is singing her duet with her mentor Ray, both compliment each other extremely well. As Petra’s mentor, Ray was super enthusiastic about the performance and within it. Petra’s voice suited the song that the song that they sung.

21:35 CET: Last up in this first round is young power house Michela Pace singing Total Eclipse of the heart by another Eurovision Alumni, Bonnie Tyler. As per usual, her voice is on point, the crowd are screaming for her. Over this competition, Michela has proven has versatile she can be by the types of songs she sings.

21:26 CET: Now it is the turn of the rapper Owen Leuellen. In the audition round, he sung an original song. There was a technical hitch before he started. He is the fan favourite inside of the arena, so will he be the favourite with the Maltese public? His mentor is Eurovision alumni Ira Losco. He always gets rave reviews from the judges, will the coaching he has had from Ira help him on the path to success. His rapping was on point and on the beat to the song as always. As soon as he finished, the crowd were chanting his name.

21:15 CET: The first contestant to sing from Howard’s category is Nicole Frendo. She will also be singing the song from her audition, Russian Roulette by Rhianna. She vocals are always uniquely deep and she holds the deep notes extremely well. Again, for a 16 year old, she has an absolutely incredible voice.

21:08 CET: First up for for the final is MESC Alumni Petra singing You don’t own me. Her vocals are just as flawless as they were in the audition rounds. She is singing this from the heart and with al the passion she has. What a way to open the X-Factor Malta final.

21:00 CET: An opener of Queen songs including We will rock you and Another one bites the Dust performed by the 4 finalists.

20:50 CET: It’s show time. For one last time we see the host, Ben Camille, and the judges, Alexandra Alden, Ira Losco, Ray Merceria and Howard Keith Debono. There is no set theme for the finalists tonight. The finalists are Petra from the Overs category, Michaela pace and Nicole Frendo from the Girls category and Owen Leuellen from the boys category.