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France kicks off “Destination Eurovision” tonight at 20:55 CET. Nine acts, including the Australian singer-songwriter Malo’, will try to reach the Grand Final (taking place February 27th). However, there are only four tickets available.

Read our live commentary below. The newest updates appear on top.

23:31 – Thanks for following the show with us!

In two weeks from now, we will definitely continue to follow Australian Malo’s journey in France!

23:26 – Lisandro Cuxi wins

He gets the 12 from Amir and wins the show. Malo’ is third place.

23:23 – Another 12 for Malo’

Christophe Willem gives him the top score!

23:21 – Isabelle gives Malo’ 12 points!

He is now almost certain of a place in the top 4, with two more jurors to go.

23:17 – Malo’ in top 4 after international jury

He has 20 points and is in third place currently. Lisandro Cuxi leads the board.

23:14 – Christer Björkman votes for Emmy Liyana

Malo’ gets 8 points and is in third place now.

23:08 – Professional gambler Rob Furber chooses Malo’

But who will France vote for?

22:59 – Ehla – J’ai cru

Ehla is a pale blond girl wearing a bright red shirt and white trousers. She sings a flat mid-tempo electronic pop song that fails to stand out from the pack. Vocals solid.

22:49 – Louka – Mamma Mia

Maitre Gims composed this song. It’s a highly modern French summer pop song. The vocals in the verses are sung rapidly. Chorus is a little bit flat but still cathy. Unfortunately, Louka’s voice is all over the place, not doing justice to this song.

22:42 – Diversity

France has songs in many different genres and most of them are not half bad. Malo’ will have quite some competition in this semi final.

22:37 – Pheno Men – Jamais Sans Toi

A flat funk song, performed by five dark skinned men, all standing behind microphones and wearing blue greyish suits. Vocals alright, song dated and not impressive.

22:29 – Three more acts

Pheno Men – Jamais sans toi

Louka – Mamma mia

Ehla – J’ai cru

22:21 – Enéa – I’ll be there

A cheerful pop song, with jungle-like tunes in the background, and lyrics that are – unlike the title – mostly in French. Enéa displays weak vocals.

22:15 – Zazie

“OK ou KO” was composed by the French superstar Zazie.

22:12 – Emmy Liyana – OK ou KO

Interesting composed mix between hiphop and Amy Winehouse in the orchestration. Vocals not too strong, but definitely modern, bold song and a confident performer.

22:07 – Amir: “Malo’ should sing only in French”

“Right now, we understand your story. You sing in English for your Australian mother, and in Italian for your Italian girlfriend. But when you go to Eurovision, you sing for 200 million people and many of them won’t understand that story. Sing in French. It would be better for you.”

22:03 – Giving it all on stage

21:58 – Malo’ – Ciao

Malo’ starts his performance behind the piano. There is a band behind him. The song is a haunting poprockish tune that could have been on a Coldplay album. Vocals are solid, especially the longer higher notes in the chorus are good. After the first chorus, Malo’ leaves the piano and starts to wonder the stage, only to return playing later on. Definitely an acquired taste, but I like it.

21:55 – Australian mother

Malo’s mother is from Down Under – although she currently lives in Italy.

21:52 – Wasting my young years

Malo’ covers “Wasting my young years” (London Grammar), almost entirely in falsetto, and impressively flawless.

21:44 – Lisandro Cuxi – Eva

Lisandro won The Voice of France in 2017. Compared to his predecessors, you can clearly see his experience performing for cameras. His song is a modern mid-tempo urban song with some English lyrics in the chorus.

21:36 – Amir’s criticism

Unlike his two jury colleagues, Amir dares to be mildly critical. He asked Masoe “Have you ever performed for a big crowd before?” and now tells Noée that her song will be too much of a French version of Salvador Sobral.

21:29 – Noée – L’un près de l’autre

Noée loves ballads, she says before her performance. And her song is, indeed, a ballad, with an interesting raindrop-like instrumental motive in the back. Aside from that, very small orchestration and focus on the strong vocals. Camera circles her head, lots of close-ups. This is good in what it is – but would be a total gamechanger compared to the more modern French entries of 2016 and 2017.

21:24 – LED-screens

The French preselection stage has LED-screens like we’ve often seen on Eurovision stage in recent years. Both on the floor and in the backdrop. Good visual showing.

21:20 – Masoe – Paradis

Masoe has a relatively high-pitched voice. The up-tempo song Paradis is clearly written particularly for him. It fails to entertain all throughout the three minutes.

21:15 – Covers first

Masoe starts with a one-minute-rendition of “Pas la”, a former Vianney hit. Apparently, all the artists will perform a cover first before they sing their Eurovision song.

21:05 – Getting in the mood

The show starts with flashy bumpers of recent Eurovision winners & participants. It’s almost like a trailer for a movie, if that movie were the Eurovision Song Contest.

20:44 – Facebook Live Broadcast

You can watch the show on Facebook. Pre-show has already started!

20:39 – More on Malo’ and the other Destination Eurovision participants

Australian singer-songwriter Malo’ is one of the participants tonight. He spoke to local media about his music and his Eurovision dream. France 2 afterwards revealed all the 18 participants of their preselection.

20:27 – Edoardo Grassi wants Eurovision to be Trending Topic

20:19 – The nine hopefuls

  1. Masoe – Paradis
  2. Noée – L’un près de l’autre
  3. Lisandro Cuxi – Eva
  4. Malo’ – Ciao
  5. Emmy Liyana – OK ou KO
  6. Enéa – I’ll be there
  7. Pheno Men – Jamais sans toi
  8. Louka – Mamma mia
  9. Ehla – J’ai cru

20:14 – 100% Jury Vote

The decision will be made through a 100% jury vote. There is a Francophone jury featuring three French singers, including France’s 2016 Eurovision participant Amir. Secondly, there is also an international jury, featuring several Heads of Delegations from other Eurovision countries. Christer Björkman from Sweden is one of them.