How Margaret qualified for the Melodifestivalen final

Tonight Sweden will find their last four finalists for Melodifestivalen 2018. Eighth acts will get the yearly second chance in Andra Chansen, with only four tickets for next week’s final.

The show takes place in Kristianstad. Poland’s superstar Margaret is the biggest name in competition tonight. She takes on Moncho in the first battle.

For those of you who missed the first 4 Melodifestivalen shows, HERE’s a quick update.

Swedish broadcaster SVT has released the order of the battles:

  1. Margaret – In my cabana (winner) VS Moncho – Cuba libre
  2. Renaida – All the feels (winner) VS Olivia Eliasson – Never learn
  3. Felix Sandman – Every single day (winner) VS Mimi Werner – Songburning
  4. Sigrid Bernson – Patrick Swayze VS Mendez – Everyday (winner)

Follow the show through the livestream HERE and with Allie Lindo’s commentary below:

21:30 – That’s all from Sweden!

Well there you have it folks. The final four going to the final are Margaret, Renaida, Felix Sandman and Mendez.

Next week is the big final, and in only 7 days, we will know who will represent Sweden in Portugal. Join us same time, same place as we cover the journey to the final “Vi har ett resultat” of 2018. See you then!

21:28 – Vi har ett resultat

In the final duel of tonight between Mendez and Sigrid Bernson, the winner is…


21:18 – Song 8: Mendez – Everyday

Mendez said he is in love with his own song. I can’t say that I am as well. I would actually like this song much better if there were a few lyrical changes and if someone else was singing it.

Mendez has a super fun personality but he is not a strong singer. This becomes very obvious during multiple parts of this song. But I do hope he continues to live his la la la la life (this is the lyric I would change).

Let’s see who makes it through. Votes are already underway.

21:13 – Song 7: Sigrid Bernson – Patrick Swayze

Sigrid’s dancing background is clear as she moves around the stage with her backup dancers. Her singing is good but at times it sounds like her voice is having a hard time keeping up with the backing music. However, I have no doubt this song will end up in Swedish nightclubs.

Sigrid’s performance is sometimes a bit strange as she screams randomly to try to get the crowd excited for her.

21:07 – Vi har ett resultat

In the battle between Felix Sandman and Mimi Werner the winner is…

Felix Sandman!

21:00 – Song 6: Mimi Werner – Songburning

Mimi is off to a slightly rough start vocally but she recovers quickly. She is still wearing that orange fringe jacket but I’ll forgive her for it.

I like Felix but this was also a good performance from Mimi. I got more into the song this time around and found more to appreciate about it, such as the lyrics. It definitely has a solid message for those who find it appealing to listen to. At the end of the performance Mimi certainly seems like she has given everything to her performance. I wish her well as the voting period starts.

20:54 – Song 5: Felix Sandman – Every Single Day

Look I haven’t been hiding my appreciation for this song. I am pleasantly surprised by the emotion and power behind this song because I was NOT a fan of FO&O when they took the Melfest stage. But here I am hoping for a good performance by the F of FO&O.

Felix has changed his look tonight THANK GOD! That weird outfit from last week didn’t feel right with this performance. The set also seems to be a little darker this time around. I still like this song and I still support this song. But let’s see if Felix can stand up against a more seasoned veteran.

20:48 – Vi har ett resultat!

In the battle between Olivia Eliasson and Renaida the winner is…


20:40 – Song 4: Olivia Eliasson – Never learn

Olivia still looks like Uma Thurman’s body double in this outfit. Olivia’s voice seems to lose power at certain times in this song. Again disappointing to hear but that could just be the nerves.

I would like to know who came up with the idea of backup dancers in neon yellow outfits. I would like to have a serious talk with the costume designer for this.

This song seems to lack a lot of power overall. Renaida had a lot of energy compared to Olivia’s performance. The performances were essentially the same as in the semis but the energy difference is more obvious when they are matched up together.

20:35 – Song 3: Renaida – All the feels

With Margaret through, it is time for the next duel starting with Renaida.

Renaida is sticking with the orange theme. It must be her power color. I still believe this is a solid pop song but I am questioning if it is a Eurovision song. Not because it is not worthy of the title, but because many elements of this song feel done already.

On the stage, this song does not feel like it would stand out against some other countries. But I could just be worrying unnecessarily. As I said this is still a good song. Renaida’s voice is a little more uneven tonight than it was in semi final 1, so that is disappointing but it happens.

20:32 – Vi har ett resultat

In the battle between Margaret and Moncho the winner is


20:23 – Song 2: Moncho – Cuba Libre

Moncho’s singing has improved over the last few weeks. Thank goodness for that. The first time listening to this song live was very rough.

It seems Moncho just needed some time to refine his singing style. Unfortunately, this song is still missing something. I can’t help but wonder what someone else could have done with this song. The chorus is still as catchy as it was before, but that and the great backup dancers are pretty much all this song has going for it as far as I am concerned.

20:15 – Song 1: Margaret – In my Cabana

Much has been said about foreigners in Melodifestivalen. Poland’s Margaret may be a fan favourite, but she has struggled before to deliver with better songs in her hand. Tonight, the vocals are okayish in the verses, while she’s helped by backing tracks in the chorus. Margaret wears a yellow dress. Smooth act with 5 backing dancers. Song seems to last longer than three minutes, starts getting repetitive towards the end.

20:05 – David Lindgren vs Fab Freddie

David Lindgren has just entered the arena as a boxer. They are really playing up this duel aspect of tonight’s show.

David & Freddie fight it out in a dance battle! This is the most fun thing I’ve seen the hosts do together this whole time. Fab Freddie is doing his best to channel his inner Beyoncé in all of this.

20:02 – We’re underway!

My personal favorite Felix Sandman is up in the third battle of the day against Mimi Werner. All eyes on Margaret first though, as Poland’s superstar tries to reach the grand final at last.