JESC2015: Live-blog of Final Day in Sofia

It is day 6 in Sofia, the day of truth: the Grand Final of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest will take place at 19:30 CET. Team ESC Daily will follow all developments on this final day and look ahead to the show to come.

The liveblog has closed, but feel free to read back on today’s action!

22:57 Malta is the huge winner of the night

ESCDaily congratulates Destiny with her victory!

22:56 Montenegro gives 12 points to Serbia

Montenegro gives 10 points to Malta. Knocking Mika down from the lead. The voting is over!

22:54 Albania gives 12 points to Malta

Armenia and Malta is switching places, but Destiny looks like the lucky one

22:54 Malta gives 12 points to Italy

Malta gives 10 points to Australia and Armenia only 7 points.

22:53 San Marino gives 12 points to Malta

This looks like to be a winner.

22:53 Bulgaria gives 12 points to Malta

Destiny seems to be the winner, but nothing is decided yet.

22:52 Ukraine gives 12 points to San Marino

Another huge surprise in the hall. Everybody laughing.

22:51 Armenia gives 12 points to Malta

Armenia gave a away a lead to Malta.

22:50 Belarus gives 12 points to Armenia

Incredibly exciting right now. Three points between 1st and 2nd.

22:49 Macedonia gives 12 points to Serbia

Armenia and Malta are fighting for the top position.

22:48 Russia gives 12 points to Armenia

Russia gives 12 points to Armenia.

22:47 Ireland gives 12 points to Bulgaria

A huge surprise in the press centre. We did not see that coming.

22:46 Australia gives 12 points to Malta

Destiny gets top points from Australia.

22:45 Netherlands gives 12 points to Armenia

Australia gets 3 points, but Mika gets the 12.

22:44 Italy gives 12 points to Albania

Australia gets 3 points, 10 to Malta and 12 points to Albania

22:43 Slovenia gives 12 points to Malta

Destiny certainly is doing good!

22:43 Georgia gives 12 points to Armenia

Australia gets 7 points, while Armenia gets top points

22:42 Serbia gives 12 points to Malta

It starts to smell like a runaway victory for Malta

22:40 Kid jury gives 7 points to Australia

Malta gets 12 points from the kid jury, Bella gets 7 points.

22:38 – It is time to start the voting!

Vlad has given out his 12 points to everybody, and we will start voting now!

22:31 – Vincenzo is back

Our current champion is on stage, and performs a song with his amazing talent. The press centre does not seem that interested unfortunately.

22:28 – Party time

It is officially party time in the hall. Poli is dressed for the occasion. We see firemen, news anchors and ordinary people on the street dance for their lives. Even Vlad jumps up from his desk to start dancing. It is all very flashmob a la Oslo 2010.

22:22 – The Bulgarian angel voice is back

It is time for our Bulgarian superstar. A amazing contender for the throne last year, and now Krisia is taking the hall by storm once again. Although it is playback, we are all sold. Absolutely amazing.

22:19 – The voting is closed!

Poli has just closed the phone lines, and soon we have a new winner

22:13 – Poli found her dress

Host Poli is flawless during her interval act. People are laughing in the press centre, but if we are laughing with or at her remains a secret.

22:08 – Phone lines are open and Krisia back on-stage

Malta seems to be the clear favourite during the recap. Now it is time to hear the official theme tune of this year, sung by last year’s runner-up Krisia and all of the 2015 participants.

22:00 – Albania and Montenegro close tonight’s entries

Mishela is our penultimate act tonight, she delivers another professional performance for which Mishela looks very comfortable singing on the stage. Montenegro is up yet and unexpectedly it provides a laugh in the press room when a shot of the crowd is seen and one person walking away from the stage and of her reaction after the song finished… it was pure unhappy diva. Also, when it cuts back to Poli Genova a kids hand is covering her camera, is the event turning to shambles?

21:52 – Could Malta win Junior Eurovision again?

Destiny goes on stage and shows everyone how it is done! Vocals practically perfect, great energy, charisma and soul in the performance, full use of the stage and a spectacular finish. Press think she will win it, do you?

21:47 – Kamilia has minor hiccups but overall delivers

Kamilia slightly gets lost with arm choreography on the first verse but recovers well for the remainder of the song until the second chorus where she does hit a bum note. She however finishes the song without any issues apart from a slight other bum note.

21:44 – Crowd goes wild for the beatboxers and Bulgaria is up!

Our next interval act involves two world champion beatboxers and the predominantly Bulgarian crowd goes crazy with applause during their climax. Ivan and Gabriela are on-stage and Gabriela vocally has issues but over handles the pressure and looks great on-stage, Ivan looks slightly dazed onstage but overall stronger performance than previously anticipated.

21:36 – Mika is having fun and Anna got out of the lotus

Mika with a message of Love next. As always, Armenia manages to give a fun and memorable performance on stage, although there were some dodgy camera work. Will be interesting to see how well it will go down on the scoreboard. Meanwhile the people at the press centre are biting their nails to see if Anna manages to get out of the lotus this time. Fortunately she does, but the lotus should have never been a part of the performance since it does not add anything to it. Anna is vocally good, but we shall see if see will break the top 5.

21:25 – Ruslan overshadows F.Y.R. Macedonia

Several people with a love/hate relationship for F.Y.R. Macedonia’s song. It is fun to see them to perform. Unfortunately, the girls from Macedonia gets overshadowed by Belarus. Ruslan is vocally amazing, as he has been in each performance. We may have a winner at number 10 (as we did in Vienna).

 21:18 – Aimee makes the press centre cry and Misha gives it all

After the loud dubstep interval act, it is time for something completely different. Aimee Banks from Ireland delivers a stellar performance, and drives the press centre crazy. Could she be a dark horse? Misha from Russia follow up right after her, and it seems there are plenty of Russians in the hall tonight. It is clear that Misha is enjoying himself, and his charisma and contact with the camera makes you smile.

21:06 – Bella gives her all and makes Australia proud!

Bella is next up and after a slight, shaky start we hear the full range and strength of Bella and the press centre is loving it. No major faults on-stage, she gives her all and now she’s a real contender for the trophy.

21:02 – Shalisa proves she’s a professional

Shalisa starts slow and quiet but once the second chorus comes on she impresses on screen and on stage.

21:00 – Lina is flawless and the Scarpari twins help mellow the crowd.

Lina considered a favourite tonight was able to sing flawlessly however the crowd’s applause was quite weak. Italy sone came across well however whether it could win it again is quite skeptical but the crowd reacted very well.

20:49 – Lena gives emotion and The Virus deliver humour.

First up tonight is Serbia, one critical issue with her performance was the lack of emotion however for the first time, Lena smiles during the bridge close-up of the song which finally completes the overall performance. The Virus perform next and provide much needed comic relief to the contest, should do relatively well tonight.

20:40 – Opening video and performance completed

Krisia opens the show with a operatic, choir-heavy intro to this year’s theme song “#Discover”. The first half of participants walk onto stage. Kids playing orchestral instruments and a electric guitar followed by the final half of participants.

20:30 – Fans get ready for the show

The show is about to begin. We currently see establishing shots of the crowd around the stage. We see Krisia and her backing dancers on the stage. Screen goes white and then the opening video montage begins.

19:30 – Bella & Steef welcome ESC Daily viewers to Junior Final

Bella & Steef are ready for the Junior Eurovision final. One hour left until it starts!

19:05 – Malta wins press center voting, Australia second

All journalists in the press center have filled out their forms, and Malta wins the voting. Australia comes second! Followed by Armenia, Russia and Serbia. Italy ends in last place.

18:01 – To the press center

Team ESC Daily packs their bags and starts walking to the press center now. Once we arrive, this liveblog will continue with coverage from the show! Jon and Brandon will take over the laptop from me, and they will provide you with commentary during the Final.

17:30 – Three more hours to go!

We are slowly getting close to the actual show. Three more hours until the final of Junior Eurovision 2015!

16:56 – “Famous commentator for JESC”

People watching the JESC final online tonight, will have a famous commentator! And by that, does not mean Luke Fisher, but his co-commentator Ivan Ivanov, who represented Bulgaria at Junior Eurovision in 2011.

16:30 – Watch all the songs for tonight

This is our recap, taken from rehearsal footage. All seventeen songs in the order in which they will perform tonight!

15:56 – Another fiasco in Germany

Less than a year after Andreas Kümmert withdrew from Eurovision live on German television, broadcaster NDR has to deal with yet another fiasco. Xavier Naidoo is NOT going to Eurovision 2016!

Read more HERE.

Naidoo Xavier newspaper germany

15:30 – How do kids deal with competition?

Participants of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest talk about how they deal with losing in their daily lives. Shalisa from The Netherlands is playing tennis in her free-time, and have from that experience a knowledge of how it is to lose. “At first I get sad, and I keep saying to myself that I should’ve done better,” Shalisa explained.

14:51 – Aimee’s flag of support

This is the flag that Luke Fisher mentioned during last night’s episode of the ESC Daily Show. It is the Irish flag that was hanging outside of Aimee Banks’ dressing room. All the other participants wrote their support for Aimee on the flag.

Aimee Banks Ireland Junior flag autographs

14:20 – Vote Australia!

From wherever you may watch the Junior Eurovision Song Contest final tonight – this is how you can vote for Australia’s Bella Paige:

Vote Australia

13:43 – Names of the jurors revealed

You can find a full list of the jurors HERE. Among them is Rachel in the Dutch jury, who came 2nd in JESC 2011. The Australian jury members had already been revealed earlier on ESCDaily.

Jury members voted during last night’s dress rehearsal. Each jury member gave 12-10-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 points to their top ten entries, as opposed to adult Eurovision, where all the entries need to be ranked.

13:04 – Destiny wants to meet famous American singers

Destiny from Malta is considered a potential TOP-5 entry more and more after people saw her vocally impressive performance last night. She would love to participate in the adult Eurovision Song Contest later in her life, but her big dream is to go to America to meet all the famous singers. Aretha Franklin is her biggest idol!

12:27 – “EBU already approached potential winners about hosting Junior 2016”

The EBU has already approached several potential winners to check if they would be willing to host the Junior Eurovision Song Contest in 2016. EBU’s Luke Fisher, responsible for the website, said that in the latest episode of the ESC Daily Show. “The last thing you want is a Head of Delegation saying something that gets them fired.”

Watch the full episode of the ESC Daily Show HERE!

11:55 – Win a signed copy of Bella Paige’s CD!

Don’t for get to send us your TOP-5 for tonight’s show, for a chance to win a signed copy of Bella Paige’s CD “My Girls”!

Find the exact rules of this price contest HERE.

Win Bella Paige CD signed

11:31 – Shalisa #discovering Sofia

“Bulgaria is so different from the Netherlands!” Shalisa told ESC Daily. “So I have really been #discovering this city.”

Watch the full interview below:

11:10 – SBS trailer for JESC

10:44 – No Daily Coffee this morning

The press center is not open yet and ESC Daily works from home. No coffee machine here, but we got a good night of sleep and are now enjoying our Daily Croissant!

Daily Croissant

10:26 – Ten hours left!

In roughly ten hours from now, the JESC final will start! That means 20:30 Bulgarian time, but 19:30 CET.

For Australians, Junior Eurovision is LIVE early Sunday morning on SBS at 5.30am Sydney/2.30am Perth and all timezones in between – channel 30.