Live: Danish National Final 2014

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Basim – Cliché Love Song has won Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 2014 and will represent Denmark in Eurovision 2014. Thank you for watching!

Overall Results:

  1. Basim [30 points]
  2. Rebekka Thornbech [15 points]
  3. Michael Rune feat. Natascha Bessez [15 points]

Our hosts return to begin the televoting results & overall winner. The three super-finalists are called on-stage.

[22:05] A Danish ESC medley is performed firstly by the two hosts singing the 1st Danish song within Eurovision from 1957 “Skibet skal sejle i nat” followed by Rollo & King “Never Let it Go” and then Hot Eyes perform “Ka’ du se hva’ jeg sa?” [1988] finally with Birthe Kjær – Vi maler byen rød” [1989]. The audience roar with cheer.

Jury Voting:

  1. Basim [15 points]
  2. Rebekka Thornbech [8 points]
  3. Michael Rune feat. Natascha Bessez [7 points]

[21:55] A recap goes on-screen for the super-finalists followed by the understanding of the voting tonight. 30 points go to the Professional Jury and 30 to the televoters via. SMS. The Jury voting has commenced.

•   Rebekka Thornbech – Your Lies Rebekka returns with her harmonica, guitar and autumn leaves. Rebekka’s made it as the 3rd super-finalist but could she win it for Denmark tonight?

[21:50] Our male host talks to Emmelie de Forest about her current thoughts and feelings regarding ESC 2013 and DMG 2014.

•   Michael Rune feat. Natascha Bessez – Wanna be Loved 2nd super-finalist. Seeming to be the fan favourite to win from the super-finalists. Could the saxophone return to ESC 2014?

•   Basim – Cliché Love Song Our 1st super-finalist performs again his song. Basim to be inspired by Bruno Mars. Is this your winner for Denmark?

[21:35] A large group of children [MGP Allstars] perform ‘Din Melodi’ on stage. Followed by the hosts talking to the jury about their thoughts on the super-finalists. The hosts will talk to the song-writers for each super-finalist after each performance.

[21:30] Our male host then explains #JoinUs and puts a short preview of some fan-submitted videos for ESC 2014. The female host then speaks to Danni Elmo at the green room followed by the male host holding a bronze envelope which reveals tonight’s 3 superfinalists are…

  • Basim – Cliché Love Song 
  • Michael Rune feat. Natascha Bessez – Wanna be Loved
  • Rebekka Thornbech – Your Lies 

[21:20] Tonight’s host return to the stage to show a recap of tonight’s entries. Followed by Emmelie de Forest performing the official theme song for ESC 2014 “Rainmaker” with all of tonights performers on stage to sing the backing part to it alongside every ESC 2014 flag waving in the background.

10. Michael Rune feat. Natascha Bessez – Wanna be Loved  Tonight’s final entry and the other wildcard from the internal voting for DMG 2014. Michael opens by playing on the saxophone before Natascha Bessez begins to sing. The song seems to take influences by Inna. Natascha wears a cream dress with diamond flowers placed around it. Did Denmark save the best tonight?

9. Anna David – It Hurts  Tonight’s penultimate song is by Anna David. She dresses very similar to Simone last year when she performed “Stay Awake” for DMG 2013. The backing dancers seemed to be wrapped up in massive plastic, transparent bags. Could Anna David be your champion tonight?

[21:05] Our male host returns to discuss MGP in recent years and ESC 2013 when Emmelie de Forest won it for the country.

8. Basim – Cliché Love Song  Basim reminds me of the look of MohamedAli and his song contains a giant Danish flag hanging from the the top down to the ground of the stage. Him and all his performers are dressed in tuxedo’s as he performs his song. It gets a strong reaction from the audience but could it be tonight’s winner?

7. Nadia Malm – Before You Forget Me One of tonight’s wildcards. Nadia performs on the piano while backing performers play on violins. A dance beat kicks in near the chorus. Vocals are flawless and Nadia has a strong star image. Could Nadia be the ‘black horse’ to win the contest tonight?

[20:55] The female host returns to the green room to talk to SONNY. Rebekka Thornbech & Bryan Rice about their current feelings from the show.

6. Glamboy P – Right by your Side  We’re over halfway through tonight’s entries. Next up is Glamboy P who performs dressed in a hoodie overall with black stripped-fabric covering him alongside many mannequins which he dances and sings to. Could he win it for Denmark?

[20:45] Our male host continues with the history of DMG before speaking to the Olsen Brothers who were the previous winners for Denmark in 2000.

5. Emilie Moldow – Vi finder hjem  Our first fully-Danish song by Emelie. This ballad is performed very elegantly as Emelie is dressed in a blue, transparent dress. Could another Emelie win Dansk Melodi Grand Prix again? [20:40] Our male host starts reading some twitter messages about the event before we return with the next contender, 4. Danni Elmo – She’s the One Opens very strong with a good dance beat kicking in at the chorus. Song is catchy and gets a strong react from the audience however it seems to be a little too repetitive. However it should be a strong contender for tonight, what do you think?

[20:35] Hosts explain the voting system for this evening for SMS voting before returning to the jury to hear their current opinion of the first 3 songs & overall view of the Dansk Melodi Grand Prix.

3. SONNY – Feeling the You Sonny sings a song inspired by retro, disco. His dancing while at his microphone stand reminds me of Jamiroquai & Mika. His vocals remain strong and their is a certain amount of catchiness to this song however is it good enough to represent the Host country?

[20:25] We return to our hosts for this evening who explain about the history of Denmark within Eurovision including their other wins of “Danvsevise”&  “Flying on the Wings of Live” before discussing the 1st ever Dansk Grand Prix.

2. Rebekka Thornbech – Your Lies The song opens with a harmonica playing the melody however it sounds a little off-key. She seems to be following in the footsteps of Soluna Samay as the song & performance mimics her 2012 performance quite a bit. Autumn leaves fall down throughout the performance. Do you think “Your Lies” will be the song name for Denmark this year?

[20:20] Our female host talks to Nadia Malm who will perform her self-composed song “Before You Forget Me” later tonight. Afterwards they do a selfie with the hosts wearing masks of Brad Pitt & Meryl Streep to parody the Oscar selfie from earlier this week.

1. Bryan Rice – I Choose U Bryan Rice returns to once again try to take the crown for Denmark. His vocals are once again flawless and the performance consists of 6 metal cages for all the performers to sing within, also a stairway leading up above it. One of the favourites to win tonight, could Bryan get his victory at last?

[20:15] Our male host returns and we begin with tonight’s first performer ‘Bryan Rice’. [20:10] After tonight’s male host rips off his top to reveal a glittering top with straps, they announce the start of the show. As the male host leaves the female one introduces tonight’s professional jury:

  • Jørgen de Mylius –  journalist &  23-time Danish Eurovision Song Contest commentator
  • Camille Jones – singer-songwriter & producer
  • Søs Fenger –  singer-songwriter
  • Lars Pedersen, (aka Chief1) – DJ and music producer
  • Mich Hedin Hansen (aka Cutfather) – songwriter and music producer

[20:05] Tonight’s two host come onto the stage and explain tonight’s competing artists to represent the host country in Eurovision 2014. [20:00] The webcast is working and Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 2014 has begun! After an introductory video of Emmelie de Forest winning ESC 2013 and travelling to tonight’s Arena Fyn in Odense. She opens tonight’s show by performing her ESC-winning song “Only Teardrops”. [19:50] The Danish National Final will begin in approx. 10 minutes!


From 20:00 CET tonight, The 43rd edition of the Final for Denmark’s national final; Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 2014 will commence from the Arena Fyn in Odense. Tonight will see 10 artists with their entries competing tonight to represent Denmark in Eurovision 2014 within their own capital of Copenhagen. The official webcast for tonight’s Final can be found at the top of the page.

 Tonight’s Finalists in Running Order:

  1. Bryan Rice – I Choose U 
  2. Rebekka Thornbech – Your Lies 
  3. SONNY – Feeling the You 
  4. Danni Elmo – She’s the One 
  5. Emilie Moldow – Vi finder hjem 
  6. Glamboy P – Right by your Side 
  7. Nadia Malm – Before You Forget Me
  8. Basim – Cliché Love Song 
  9. Anna David – It Hurts 
  10. Michael Rune feat. Natascha Bessez – Wanna be Loved 

Tonight’s winner will be decided by 50% professional jury to 50% SMS voting from the public. Familiar artists competing include Bryan Rice [2nd in Danish NF 2010]. The winning composer(s) will win 100,000 Danish kroner. Denmark go straight through to the final of this year’s  Eurovision Song Contest due to being the host country after Emmelie de Forest won last year’s contest for Denmark.