Liveblog: Anja Nissen competing to represent Denmark

Live tonight, DR will present the 46th edition of Dansk Melodi Grand Prix. Ten artists will compete to represent Denmark at the Eurovision Song Contest in Stockholm. ESCDaily are live at Forum Horsens to provide all the latest news regarding the show.

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  • Lighthouse X will represent Denmark in Stockholm after gaining 42%.
  • Anja Nissen is 2nd with 36% of the televote.
  • Simone is 3rd with 22% of the televote.

[21:45] Annette is now speaking to Charlotte Perrelli (Sweden 1999 Winner, 2008) followed by tonight’s interval act Loreen who performs “Euphoria” or as Hilda pronounced “Eu-phobia”.

[21:39] Finally, Anja Nissen performs “Never Alone” again. Just as strong and flawless as before. Will she be performing tonight’s winning reprise also?

[21:34] Next up is Lighthouse X performing “Soldiers of Love” in the super final. Audience react stronger than previously. Will Denmark send a boy band two years in a row?

[21:30] Short video break regarding classic DMGP songs with local songwriters discussing their composition and production.

[21:26] Simone is re-performing “Heart Shaped Hole”! Vocals are incredibly stronger than last time, could she finally get the opportunity to represent Denmark at the Eurovision Song Contest?

[21:24] We return to what should be the final Hilda sketch involving sombre music in a official boardroom with two employees.

  • Finally is our very own Anja Nissen with “Never Alone”!
  • Secondly is Lighthouse X with “Soldiers of Love”!
  • Tonight’s first super-finalist is Simone with “Heart Shaped Hole”!

[21:18] We are back to Hilda and the green room while this time she is joined by two songwriters including Bryan Rice (DMGP 2010) who co-wrote David Jay’s entry tonight.

[21:15] Next up DMGP Junior participants performing an ensemble as their national final is next week. Overall a fun, energetic performance while the jury deliberate.

[21:10] All of tonight’s songs have performed, now we see the first of tonight’s song recaps. Which three songs do you think will go to the Super Final?

#10 | Anja Nissen | Never Alone

Australia’s pride and joy, Anja is up next! She speaks both English and Danish within her postcard. Song is co-written by Emmelie de Forest and after EBU permitted the entry to be used in 2016, Anja has went from strength to strength within the rehearsals. Audience react strong from the beginning clapping profusely throughout. Vocals are delivered flawlessly and her backing dancers reveal fireworks from their arms during final chorus. Will tonight’s last competitor end up first?

Anja Nissen - DMGP 2016 [10]

#9 | Muri & Mario | To Stjerner

Tonight’s only song in Danish is performing now. Muri & Mario gained fame with a popular Summer hit in Denmark called “Mambo”. This mid-track may gain a strong lot of Danish televotes tonight. Blue lighting with two acrobats posing as “stars” to make the song’s translation of “two stars”. Also, the only performance that utilises the audience with torches and glitter falling onto the performers. Also features is one of the songwriters performing with a guitar from the green room onto the stage. Could Italy partly represent Denmark this year in Eurovision with this entry?

Muri & Mario - DMGP 2016 [9]

#8 | Jessica | Break it Good

Next up is the Reggae-inspired track “Break it Good” sung by Jessica. She wears Jamacian-styled clothing alongside her two backing dancers and her DJ who becomes the third. Staging utilises green lighting, first time utilised within a performance. Will Denmark take a risk and take something new musically to represent Denmark?

Jessica - DMGP 2016 [8]

#7 | Kristel Lisberg | Who Needs a Heart

Kristel is up next and she is accompanied by a violinist and four backing singers who ‘hover’ through the dry ice. Staging uses predominately fiery colours matching the lyrics. ESC Fan favourite and Kristel’s vocals are unique and performed very well. Could tonight’s lucky seventh act win the whole contest tonight?

Kristel Lisberg - DMGP 2016 [7]

#6 | Lighthouse X | Soldiers of Love

The three singers have white LED microphone stands which they utilise within the performance. One of the growing favourites of tonight’s show. Performance features many close-up shots providing emotional connection. Standing ovation from nearly all of the audience. Do you think Lighthouse X will be one of tonight’s definite super-finalists?

Lighthouse X - DMGP 2016 [6]

[20:38] We are back to the green ‘room’ with Hilda who now chats to Simone and Muri & Mario who will perform ninth tonight. This is followed by our second ‘Hilda skit’ video. Next up is Lighthouse X (pronounced ten).

#5 | Veronicas Illusion | The Wrong Kind

Next up is the catchy, girl-power Swedish-pop track “The Wrong Kind” sung by Veronica Jensen’s girl-band. Veronica wears a blue jersey with a gold skirt, her five backing “singers” are similarly dressed. Vocals come across much stronger for the two bands, perhaps due to the studio backing tracks. Audience are clapping and reacting wildly for this entry, it’s fast tempo helps.

Veronicas Illusion - DMGP 2016 [5]

#4 | Sophia Nohr | Blue Horizon

Gaining fame from her participation in the Danish X Factor. Sophia provides a unique performance that stands out from other entries. Previously have issues with sickness, she is performing extremely well tonight. Sophia is supported by a drummer and cellist while snowy pine trees are placed around the stand. Her face is showcased lip-syncing before fading into smoke.

Sophia Nohr - DMGP 2016 [4]

[20:26] We are shown the first of tonight’s comedic videos involving Hilda and her husband who entered in DMGP numerous times in the past. Hilda plays the part of a school-teacher. Emmelie de Forest and the Olsen Brothers are featured and provided thanks to Hilda for their winning performances.

#3 | Bracelet | Breakaway

Bracelet have gained a lot of coverage due to the lead singer and drummer being grandchildren to Benny Andersson (ABBA) while their mother is Nanne Gronvall (ESC Sweden 1991). Purple staging with four large fans present. Vocals are strong for the young band. They are wearing custom-made blue glitter outfits each.  They received numerous standing ovations afterwards. Regarded as a dark horse for tonight’s contest, could they represent Denmark in their home-town of Stockholm?

Bracelet - DMGP 2016 [3]

[20:19] We are now shown the green room which is located with the audience beside the stage. Hilda chats to David Jay about how he feels his performance went. Hilda then introduced tonight’s third act, Bracelet.

#2 | Simone | Heart Shaped Hole

Simone is dressed in a silver, glitter dress with her hair similar to her performance of “How Will I Know”. She is supported by two ballet dancers who join into the performance after first chorus. Staging is predominantly pink while she stands over a large heart-shaped structure covered in diamonds which rises with her for the final chorus. Previously Simone had issues with vocals however there is improvement from her rehearsals. win? Audience react strongly for Simone. Fan favourite to win tonight, could this be Simone’s year to win?

Simone - DMGP 2016 [2]

#1 | David Jay | Rays of Sunlight

David is wearing black hat, jacket and trousers with a white shirt and shoes. He is supported by five backing dancers wearing pink jumpers. David throws his hat into the audience after the first chorus. One of the few entries that features a key change. Audience react well to his performance, however whether he can be remembered after all ten songs perform is the question.

David Jay - DMGP 2016 [1]

[20:07] Our hosts introduce tonight’s jury members which include Chanee who represented Denmark alongside N’Evergreen in 2010 with “A Moment Like This”. Tonight’s first artist’s postcard is now performing – David Jay.

[20:04] Opening act involves tonight’s three hosts – Jacob, Hilda and Annette performing a kitsch, classic-schlager performance regarding Denmark vs. Sweden. At the end of the act, Jacob fell however he continued effortlessly.

[20:00] The show is on! We open with a dramatic opening shot through the uses of red, blue and yellow hues. The speaker explains the coincedence of Sweden’s previous two wins being followed by Danish wins in 2000 and 2014.

[19:30] Return at 20:00 for the show to begin!

Tonight’s show will be hosted live in Horsens by Jacob Riising, Hilda Heick and her daughter Annette Heick. Among tonight’s entrants include Simone (DMGP 2009, 2013) and Anja Nissen (The Voice AU Season 3 Winner).

50% Jury and televote will decide tonight’s super-finalists followed by 100% televote for the winner.

Tonight’s running order:

  1. David Jay – Rays of Sunlight
  2. Simone – Heart Shaped Hole
  3. Bracelet – Breakaway
  4. Sophia Nohr – Blue Horizon
  5. Veronicas Illusion – The Wrong Kind
  6. Lighthouse X – Soldiers of Love
  7. Kristel Lisberg – Who Needs a Heart
  8. Jessica – Break it Good
  9. Muri & Mario – To Stjerner
  10. Anja Nissen – Never Alone

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