JESC2015: Live-blog of Day 5 in Sofia

It is dress rehearsal time! Finally we get to see all participants performing right after each other. Bella Paige is on as number six for Australia.

Team ESC Daily follows all the action for you, live from Arena Armeec in Sofia.

The liveblog has closed, but feel free to read back on all of today’s action!

22:15 – End of the day

We will not stay for the dummy voting, but go home instead. Hopefully you have enjoyed our coverage on this long day. Join us for an exciting final day tomorrow!

22:02 – Montenegro; wildcard at the end

Montenegro has the pimp slot at the end of the show. The song & vocals are nothing special, but not bad either, and because it is cheerful, this might be a surprise top 10 finisher.

Montenegro 2

21:54 – Malta sticks out like a sour thumb

But I mean that in a good way. After the two performances with (by far) the worst vocals in the contest (Bulgaria & San Marino), Malta sticks out with Destiny’s outstanding voice.

So far, it seems like Ireland and Malta will top the jury vote, together with Belarus and Armenia. Australia follows in the group behind that.

21:36 – Macedonia interrupted, Belarus & Armenia do their job

The performance of ‘Pletenka’ had to be interrupted due to sound issues. Always difficult if you have to restart, especially for rather unexperienced kids. The girls have decided to change clothes at the last moment again – we have not seen this outfit at all during the rehearsal week.

Armenia & Belarus, the two top favorites of the contest, perform well and thereby step up to the high expectations. Vocally sound, as well, so both should pick up quite some jury points.

21:20 – Ireland blows everyone away

One of the tricks of Eurovision is to save the best for last. Ruslan from Belarus seems to be capable of that, Bella unfortunately could not, but Aimee Banks from Ireland definitely can. Incredible vocals during this jury rehearsal.

Aimee Banks Ireland Jury Final

21:03 – Bella not at her best

Bella Paige unfortunately seems a little overwhelmed by the experience of this Jury Final. She pushes too hard at the beginning and loses her breath in the final minute of the song. Still a good performance though! But we know she can do so much better.

Let us hope this does not cost her too much points with the juries.

19:57 – Win Bella’s CD!

If you let us know your top-5 for Saturday, you have a chance of winning a signed copy of Bella Paige’s CD. Try it!

Find the exact rules HERE.

Win Bella Paige CD signed

19:15 – Heavy editing

Not much is happening at the press center. Team ESC Daily is taking their time to edit some of the interviews that we have done over the past few days.

18:55 – Twelve points to… Australia!

Here at the press center, we are actually allowed to vote for our own country! Go Bella!

Steef 12 Australia

18:38 – Pizza! Pizza! Ooooooh… Pizza!

Long night at the press center with the last dress rehearsal starting two hours from now… Some of our colleagues are already ordering some pizza to get through the night!

18:22 – Kids get a safe space to party

Press is not allowed in Euroclub at Junior Eurovision. Find out why!

17:56 – Montenegro wins dummy voting

Jana Mirkovic has to do a reprise, which is of course requested from the real winner tomorrow as well.

16:22 – Performances over

Team ESC Daily will not stick around for the dummy voting, as we have some recording sessions planned for the ESC Daily Show.

16:05 – Malta profits from nice placement

The last five songs, again, provide a good mix-up of styles, and it is Malta that profits from the draw right after two weaker vocalists. Destiny’s performance all of a sudden stands out more than ever before.

15:48 – Next interval performance is on

We have got two Bulgarian beatboxers on-stage who begin imitating bouncing a ping pong ball before developing the a-capella into a produced track. Nice interval, however slightly empty regarding sound during the duration of the performance.

Interesting choice of the BNT to put interval acts in between the performances.

15:40 – Belarus & Armenia show winning potential

Ivana & Magdalena’s placing seems to of helped the song stand out especially as a song written by kids for kids. Belarus has now stood out as a potential winner too, as Ruslan for the first time pulled off a sound vocal performance. Armenia re-adds the faster pace and remains a favourite to win, especially with the addition of pyrotechnics.

Armenia second rehearsalRuslan Belarus JESC

15:28 – Impressive recovery for Aimee

Ireland is up next and after no vocals were being transmitted, the performance had to be restarted. Aimee recovered immensely and delivered a fully, impressive performance. Russia up next and thankfully with no issues, his performance remains well executed as well.

15:14 – Small pause after Bella

Bella Paige gave her performance during the first dress rehearsal. Vocals at the beginning of the song were not perfect, but she recovers later in the song when the notes get higher. After Australia’s performance, there is a small technical delay before Poli Genova introduces a short interval act. It seems as though the producers deliberately planned in an extra act to seperate Australia and Ireland from each other.


Ireland 2nd rehearsal

15:07 – Nice mix-up in the beginning

The beginning is nicely mixed up, with the ballads from Serbia and Slovenia separated by the busy Georgian act. After Slovenia comes the energetic Italian song. These entries will not harm each other all that much, even though Serbia & Slovenia are still quite close to each other.

14:58 – Poli opens tonight’s first rehearsal

Poli is now on-stage. After re-introducing the first six acts tonight, we see Serbia & Georgia’s postcards and performances. Postcard involves areas around Bulgaria for example, Bulgarian skiing. Performances remain same as previously seen and discussed.


14:45 – Opening sequence revealed

We can now see the official logo along with many establishing shots of Bulgaria and its people and architecture. We then see Krisia with thirty dancers singing an orchestral, slower part of ‘Discover’. Half the participants walk down the side-platform followed by more opening shots and then the remaining acts.

14:38 – And we are underway!

Who does not love hearing that magical Eurovision tune? The first dress rehearsal has started!

14:30 – Still nothing

The show has still not started yet, but the people in the press center were able to see one minute of the overlapse video for the first performance Serbia. We saw Bulgaria highlighted geographically.

14:17 – Delta Goodrem for Australia?

Meanwhile, have a look back at our interview with Australia’s Bella Paige, in which she expressed her support for Delta Goodrem to represent her country at Adult Eurovision in May 2016.

You can find the interview HERE.

13:57 – The annual slight delay

As usual also at the adult contest, the first dress rehearsal is delayed by at least ten to fifteen minutes. We are here though, so as soon as things kick off, you can read the latest updates in this blog.

13:28 – Dress rehearsal in half an hour

The first dress rehearsal for the Junior Eurovision Final will take place at 14:00 o’clock. In the meantime, our team will be busy with interview sessions, but at 2PM we will be right here to liveblog the show. Stay tuned!

12:52 – Bella’s connection to Macedonia

Her real last name is Yoseski, but according to the Macedonian girls, she does not speak that much of the language…

12:25 – “Be quiet, be calm, be happy”

Vincenzo Cantiello is having his press conference right now, together with Poli Genova. The young Italian reveals the secret to winning Junior Eurovision: “Be quiet, be calm, be happy. The last thing is maybe the most important. If you are happy on stage, people will see that you are having fun and they will appreciate you.”

12:07 – Australia invited for Junior 2016

Executive Supervisor Vladislav Yakovlev informed ESC Daily that Australia is invited back to the 2016 Junior Eurovision if they are still interested. “They are in, they are happy, and I am pretty sure we will approach them next year to join us again.”

Watch the full interview we had with Yakovlev below:

11:48: Spokepersons rehearsed

We can see the dress that Poli Genova will wear at least for the show’s opening, blue with a skirt attached. EBU Supervisor Vladislav Yakovlev can be seen rehearsing with Poli the announcement that all countries get 12 points automatically.

Next phase of today’s first full rehearsal includes Poli asking each country’s child spokesperson to announce their votes, they are currently testing this with dummy votes. Video has now been cut but we can hear Vincenzo announcing the practice votes for Italy.

11:40 – The old and the new winner?

Bella & Vincenzo met each other this week, and took a picture together. Will they meet again on Saturday when Vincenzo hands out the winners trophy?

Bella Paige & Vincenzo

Bella about Vincenzo: “It was so lovely meeting you!”


Bella with the girls from Macedonia, Albania, Montenegro & Malta

11:22 – Glimpses of Saturday

On screen we have seen a glimpse of the scoreboard which features rounded flag icons of each country within a light blue background. We can also see the opening for each live performance after the postcard has shown. The country’s flag appears with the country’s name.

11:15 – “Jury vote is in Australia’s favour”

“Juries have more influence on the outcome in Junior than in the adult contest,” Steef van Gorkum said at Daily Coffee this morning. “And that is in Australia and Ireland’s favour.” The professional juries vote tonight for the final of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest.

Listen to the full episode of Daily Coffee below:

10:56 – Empty press center

Many people use this morning to sleep in after some busy days. We too arrived one hour later than usual, and now find ourselves in a nearly empty press center.

empty press center