United Kingdom: Read back our live blog for You Decide 2017

Tonight the United Kingdom will crown the winner of “Eurovision: You Decide” and thus choose their representative for the Eurovision Song Contest in Kiev. Six former X-Factor participants have been shortlisted for the show. They will perform at the Eventim Apollo in Hammersmith, London.

Every year the BBC has a new strategy to stop the streak of bad results at Eurovision. Last year we saw a 100% televote. However, this year the six participants will perform not only for the votes of the public, but also for a 8-member jury panel. They will decide 50% of the result.

Sophie Ellis-Bextor, Bruno Tonioli and CeCe Sammy will be on a so-called “panel”. They will not vote on the show, but only provide their comments on the performances.


Hoping to banish their past bad results with another new format, the six potential songs that may just pull it off are as follows:

  • Danyl Johnson – Light Up The World
  • Holly Brewer – I Wish I Loved You More
  • Lucie Jones – Never Give Up On You
  • Nate Simpson – What Are We Made Of
  • Olivia Garcia – Freedom Hearts
  • Salena Mastroianni – I Don’t Wanna Fight

Former Eurovision winner Emmelie de Forest (Denmark 2013) wrote Lucie Jones’ song.

“Eurovision: You Decide” begins at 20:30 CET and the broadcast can be found here. The show will be hosted by Mel Giedroyc.

Follow our liveblog tonight to see who will be the winner! The newest commentary by our editor Brandon McCann appears at the top. Times are in CET.


21:54 – Results to be announced

After a cringeworthy joke from Mel, all artists are brought back on-stage and the winner is announced with tension-building music as…

  • Lucie Jones – Never Give Up On You

Mel thanks the audience, singers, songwriters and tonight’s panellists. Mel announces Lucie will appear on the Graham Norton Show tomorrow. Finally, Lucie reprises the next British Eurovision entry tearfully however flawlessly.

21:45 – Voting closed, Mel speaks to jurors

Mel announces the voting is closed before speaking to our jurors regarding general questions including the importance of staging at Eurovision. A replay of last year’s Eurovision interval act “Love Love Peace Peace” featuring Petra Mede and Mans Zelmerlow is then shown.

21:39 – Final minutes to vote

The final recap of tonight’s competing entries is shown before the voting is closed and the 60th entrant for UK in Eurovision is chosen. We’re next shown another VT “answering” the question of why Australia is in Eurovision comedically, including appearances by Jon Ola Sand, Julia Zemiro and Dannii Minogue.

21:34 – Mel crowdsurfs, Vamps perform

After Mel crowdsurfs back onto the stage. We’re shown a VT of British fans react to previous Eurovision songs including Mans Zelmerlow – Heroes and Dami Im – Sound of Silence. Next up is British band ‘The Vamps’ as they performing their new single “All Night”.

21:24 – Vote is now open

You Decide now. For a small part. The televote will result in 50% of the outcome tonight. The points of the jury will be combined with the public vote, which might be decisive though when there is a tie.

21:15 – Salena Mastroianni – I Don’t Wanna Fight
The final performance of the night. Cliché lyrics and arguably the worst vocals of the night, as Salena is focused on her choreography more than controlling her voice in this slightly uptempo song. Some dutiful dancing behind Salena, but not impressive. Might be fun at an alcoholic party at the Euroclub, but not suitable for Kiev.

21:10 – Nate Simpson – What Are We Made Of
The song has a strong opening, thanks to the vocals of Nate Simpson. Nice soul in his voice, hitting the low and the high notes and having a couple of key changes in his song. The backdrops are simple but effective on this small stage. The build-up of the song requires a bigger bang at the climax of the song. Nate might be in with a chance, but the Brittish televote will most likely not favour his song tonight.

21:03 – Olivia Garcia – Freedom Hearts
Song #4 might have more political message to it, than the winning song ‘1944’ last year in Stockholm. Will the Obama-references will spark the same controversy? Probably not. Olivia has a hard look in her eyes, when she looks in the camera. Vocals are good, but not as strong as Lucie who was on stage before her. Something which might hurt her chances tonight. The staging is a bit static overall, until the end of the song when we see the waving of some purple flags. But still, it fails to lift the song to another level. And a compliment, as Olivia is just 16 years old!

20:56 – Lucie Jones – Never Give Up On You
This song was written by Emmelie de Forest, who won Eurovision in 2013. Lucie starts her song small, standing alone on stage and making eye contact with the camera. Good clean vocals and a nice build-up of the song. Lucie Jones has the capability to deliver her own emotions throughout this song. After the second verse, the song might need a bridge with even more impact. Still, this is the first act so far that might have a chance at Eurovision.

20:50 – Danyl Johnson – Light Up The World
The first male act in the United Kingdom for Kiev is Danyl Johnson. ‘Light up the world’ has a tough start. The microphones of the backing singers are open very loud and they sing terrible. We can’t hear Danyl in the first lines. The technicians behind the show seem to fix it soon and Danyl nicely recovers. Some smooth dancing moves in his act. Danyl deserved a better song than this flat tune, which does not stand even the smallest chance at the modern Eurovision Song Contest.

20:43 – Holly Brewer – I Wish I Loved You More
Time for the first song. Great strong vocals from Holly here, something we kinda expect from all acts, with their X-Factor background. Some golden visuals and sparkles in the background and a couple of backing singers behind her. A strong opening performance, something that might fair well with the juries at Eurovision, but seems to forgettable to also have impact in the televote.

20:39 – The panel speaks their mind
Sophie Ellis-Bextor, Bruno Tonioli and CeCe Sammy are being introduced. They will give their comments after all songs and be voting along in the professional jury, which will be deciding the outcome of tonight for 50%. Bruno seems to have forgotten to take his chill-pill before the show!

20:34 – Fairytale
Alexander Rybak is the first to perform. His song ‘Fairytale’ won Eurovision back in 2009. He still knows how to work those camera’s.

20:31 – Need of paper, anyone?
Mel is having papers in her hand, to help her with her lines. No autocue? Seems that Mel is having that service, making this all look like it is still Eurovision 1968! Makes sense, as the UK has not been doing so well in the current matured Eurovision Song Contest. Hopefully one of the six acts that now enter the stage will turn it around!

20:29 – Middle of the crowd
Mel Giedroyc opens the show in the middle of the crowd at the Eventim Apollo. The traditional ‘Te Deum’ anthem is aired and a clip of the recent history is being shown. Bon Soir, it is on!

20:22 – Close to the start
We are almost ready for the show to begin. Do you already have a favourite for tonight?